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New Horizons #1
New Horizons #1

New Horizons #1

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Alora walked down the halls of her Academy for the last time. Taking a deep breath, she took in the view of every last detail. She first took in the bright green walls and the musty gray carpet. Then her eyes shifted to the desks where she and her friends laughed and giggled while they talked about the day's experiences. They were like sisters to her, In Fact, she considered them like family. A smile spread across Aloras face when she walked past a very familiar locker which was decked out in brightly colored hearts and ribbon. Her heart grew heavy as she sighed and breathed in the not so pleasant smell of her school, although the smell was oddly familiar it was like home to her. Making her way out the glass doors Alora turned to face the school one last time and with that, she joined the rest of her family in the car and they drove home


Alora awoke the next morning to the sounds of chirping birds. A bright light crept in through her large bedroom window. Moaning, she pulled the pillow over her face and then threw it across the room and watched it bounce off the wall. It was moving day. Outside her door, she could then hear her father coming to approach her bedroom. “Alora, get up and get ready you have a couple of hours to gather up the rest of your belongs until the clock strikes 10:00 am. Groning she rolled out of bed and fell to the floor with a thump. A strong impulse almost told her to chain herself to the stair rail in the hall and tell them she was not leaving.

Stumbling to her feet she fumbled around in her room and opened her closet door to find one set of clothing, just enough to last her the day. With that, she grabbed her bag which held a photo album filled with pictures of her close friends, her journal, her yearbook, and of course her phone. Other than that she was pretty much ready to go.

Alora quickly combed through her hair and headed downstairs to find her sister Allie sitting at the table eating breakfast. Allie turned to glance up from her book she had sitting next to her, “good morning Alora” she said cheerfully. “Good morning” she replied in a sad and irritated tone. Sensing her irritation Allie set a mini cinnamon roll in front of Aloras face. “I was going to eat the last one but, you can have it I guess”. And with those words, she ran up the stairs to her bedroom.


Alora shifted uncomfortably in the leather like car chair as she rested her head on the window sill. So far she hated the idea of this whole moving business, but deep down she knew it was necessary for her family's welfare. Glancing down at her phone she sighed when she realized they had only been on the road for 1 hour there was still ruffly 4 more hours to go in order to make it to Missoula Montana. She wanted to go home, she missed her close friends and close family.

Tears started to weld up in her eyes as she realized that this was it, she was now leaving her home that had housed her childhood and all of her memories. Fidgeting with her fingers, she Stared out the small car window trying to distract herself from all of her uprising worries and memories. It scared her to think that she might never see her dear friends again.

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11 Apr, 2019
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2 mins
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