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New Horizons #2
New Horizons #2

New Horizons #2


Alora sat on the front porch of her new home while the cool mountain breeze chilled her to the bone. She watched as her father pulled out suitcases which contained clothing and other important items. Not to soon after the moving truck pulled up with the rest of their belongings. She watched with her hands still resting on her chin as two men stepped out of the highly raised truck and walked around to the back. A loud snapping noise sounded as the door to the back of the truck rose quickly to reveal all of the items they had packed just a few days before.

Sighing she stood up at the sound of her father's voice calling her to help him bring in the suitcases and other belongs that were packed tightly in the back of their old Honda. She drug her feet behind her as she walked over to the back of the Honda and proceed to take two of the larger suitcases in the house. Gripping the suitcases in her hands her feet found the hard cement stairs and stumbled their way to the top of the patio; then sighing she stepped into her small new home.

The walls were a dull gray as they blended in with the bard dark wooden floors. On the wall, she could see small holes where the walls had once been filled with life and adventure. Now they just seemed sad and empty just like her heart. With a sigh of relief, she set the heavy suitcase down in the front of the living room. Glancing back out the door she could see the moving van workers shuffle their feet up the steps holding her parents old pale gray couch. Sighing she turned around and sat on the steps leading to the top floor of the new home. Her eyes shifted back and forth as she watched the men go in and out of the house bringing various pieces of furniture in and then she watched as their truck drove away.

As Alora sat on the firm wood stairs she could hear her family laughter coming from the front door. Curiosity eventually got the best of her so she lifted her weight off the stairs and proceeded to walk to the front door. Approaching the front door she stepped out into the crisp cool air of Montana. Glancing into their front yard she saw her family talking to some people she had never seen before. The newcomers were most likely some Nabors checking in with them to make sure they were getting along ok. As soon as she stepped out the front door she caught her foot on the edge of the door. While taking a patio chair with her she came tumbling down to meet the concrete hard unwelcoming surface. She quickly looked up to make sure that no one had noticed her careless actions but her family and their new friends were already rushing towards her. Aloras cheeks immediately went bright red when she saw a fairly nice looking boy around her age moving the chair back to its proper place. His eyes were a vivid bright blue and his hair was the color of smooth dark cocoa, Which made her even more embarrassed. So much for that good first impression. Groning at herself for her stupidity she stood up and wiped the crusty dirt off of her pants. Around her, she could hear everyone asking her things like “Are you ok” and “Did you hurt yourself anywhere”. Sighing she looked at all of the people were trying to help her and gently pushed them away while saying “I'm fine”. She must have said that phrase a hundred times before they finally accepted the fact that she was fine. Really tho she was fine, just extremely embarrassed. After that, the talking kinda died down and the mysterious family excused themselves and said their goodbyes. After the parents and their three kids left she turned to go back into the house, but was stopped by her mother's gentle touch. “Alora are you sure you're ok you took quite the fall there”. Sighing she answered her mother back “mom I'm fine, really I am”. Then with that, she followed her sister who was waiting for her in the house.

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6 May, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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