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A New Low

A New Low

By chakimcai

I wish I could find out the truth. My husband Andrew doesn't believe it, but I have a strong feeling his friend Steve had something to do with DSS getting on us. The timing of it was pretty strange. We'd been in a rough spot and had to stay at Steve's house for years, which I admit was not the healthiest thing for our kids, and a fair number of people knew what was going on. But it was after we had a reversal of fortune and were preparing to leave that hellhole...BANG!

Just a few weeks before that, I saw Steve become very agitated at the prospect of our imminent departure. He had to sign a form for the kids saying we stayed with him so they could attend school, and when it came to the place where he had to say how long we would be there, Andrew said it would be six more months. I wanted him to add to that, "or a lot less." Steve said, "Or a lot less?! What the hell?" I think that was the first time he heard me express a desire to get out of there as soon as possible. Andrew had wanted me to keep quiet about such things around him. It was obvious he didn't want us to leave.

Or rather, he didn't want Andrew to leave. I think he would have gladly ordered me out, if it didn't mean Andrew was going to leave with me. Instead, he took every opportunity to tattle on me for snarky comments, perhaps hoping to turn Andrew against me so we'd split up and he'd have the relationship with him he always wanted.

So, what does all this have to do with Steve calling DSS on us? Well, he may have thought we really loved staying with him (he was a bit on the egotistical side) and the only reason to leave was for the kids. Get the kids out of the picture, and we didn't have to go anywhere.

Of course this little plan didn't work and all is well with my family. For Steve, not so much. Six months after we got away from him, he was crushed to death while working on his sister's car. I am so terribly sorry for her.

Author Notes: Names have been changed.

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15 Mar, 2019
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