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New Moon
New Moon

New Moon

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A lonely night in the spring of March
I, a sad moon, drifted along through space,
A dark and desolate place,
When suddenly, I noticed a bright new face.

You, the sun, greeted me with love.
Though we were separated by stone and stars,
We sent secrets only ours,
You bringing light to my hours.

For two more springs we passed messages through comets,
Through meteors and asteroids.
Those words helped me to avoid
my sorrows and thoughts from the void.

One day, our orbits met.
A rare eclipse began to start,
But the realization broke my heart
That you were too bright for my heart.

So, in the summer, we parted ways.
Though I long for no more pain,
I now see the beauty of earthly rain.
My strength to orbit will no longer strain.

They say that the sun goes down for the moon,
And because of you, I think that’s true.

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14 May, 2018
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<1 min

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