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New Years Eve 2009. ''Mysterious Robbers''

New Years Eve 2009. ''Mysterious Robbers''

By Ally1234

New years eve 2009 i was spending the night at my grandmothers house when my parents and sister went to their friend's house i was only about 11 years old at the time. Around midnight i was watching Lizzie McGuire and my grandma came down stairs and said happy new year and she was going to bed i said Okay and she went back up. Later on i could hear voices, They diddnt sound like they were inside, or outside. I wasnt really sure where it was coming from. I couldnt really hear what was going on or what they were saying. I got a little scared so i went and layed on on the couch and turned on the t.v after watching a few minutes of Phill of the future i heard them again. louder louder louder, I woke up in the morning thinking i probably fell asleep and dreamed it all. But appearntly not. I walked upstairs to find everything a mess. my grandparents were not awake yet so i went on and woke them up to ask what went on. They diddnt know. Soon they found stuff missing so they called the polce, once they got there they found no evidence and nothing was broken, just messsy and missing. Even to this day 2011 items not found and still no clue what happend that night.

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31 Jan, 2011
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