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By Banana Boat - 2 Reviews

Maybe you are one of the many that exist out there? Many nice people wear their hearts on their sleeves. People may take advantage of your kind heart. It’s so easy to take advantage of nice people because hateful people won’t put up with it.

There are moments when it pays to be selfish and to not give in all the time. For some people they don’t deserve a helping hand. I guess it’s the domino effect. If somebody in your family was taken advantage of as well than it automatically passed down to you.

These nice people that still exist have to learn how to stand up for themselves and stop allowing these ignorant morons to take advantage of them.

All the time there you have this nice person that always wants to make good. You want to please and go out there and help people when the need arises.

It is because nice people are often strong, decent, solid people who don’t blow a fuse at the drop of a hat and who aren’t interested in telling off a friend just because that friend has committed some “minor" thing involving taking advantage that people are able to take advantage of them. It is their solidness and decency and generosity and understanding that invites attempts at taking advantage.

If someone’s willing to lend a hand, than they should take as much advantage of it as they can. A nice person, to some people, is a vulnerable person.

For some people they are selfish and control freaks. If you do something nice then do it anyway. They can’t push you around by you being nice. You have to learn how to say NO. I think you know how to spell NO right?

We try real hard to be nice and friendly to people but they take advantage of that. Or you try to help another person and it backfires on you.

You must learn how to speak up. There is nothing wrong with you voicing your opinion. At least they will know how you feel. Do something to please yourself and don’t worry about what others may think. While it’s not good to be a pushover, it’s no better to be a manipulative bully or a reckless rebel. Don’t become totally selfish.

By focusing on pleasing others, you open yourself up to manipulation and abuse. You will never reach your potential as an individual if you are constantly imprisoned by others’ expectations. Eventually, when people have had enough of your services, they will not recognize you for your true worth: but for the number of errands you can do for them.

The greatest acts of kindness are those done by choice, not out of fear or guilt. If you’re doing things for others because you would feel bad if you didn’t, is the action really genuine?

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Banana Boat
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14 Jul, 2015
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2 mins
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