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NIcotine Addiction

NIcotine Addiction

By corycates

Tommy was outgoing and friendly most of the time at his fast food manager job that is, when he was not blowing his top or yelling at people about not communicating with each other or about his smokes. Tommy brushed his flowing hair up into a hair net underneath his blue hat as he tucked his orange shirt into his navy blue pants. A headset fit over the hat and over his left ear so that he could hear the orders for the drive-thru and communicate with the worker or the customer. His green eyes tilted to the left a bit watching the beef patties sizzle on the grill. Thin lips opened wide as he yelled out. “I need chicken strips down 6 bags now.” Rough hands lightly drummed on the metal counter where they assembled the burgers while the cook dropped a bun that he sprayed with oil down into the toaster and asked him what happened between him and Candi.
He merely shrugged. “Cool story bro.” He started to pace around as he waited for that bun to finish now tapping, his fingers on the outside of his pocket where he kept his cigarettes “Why is this taking so long?" He grumbled" I need to get a smoke and you would not know how it is because you don‘t smoke”
The bun from the toaster with the oil caramelized onto the bread giving it a golden look. The cook and Tommy both looked at it. "I have not had a smoke in a few hours." He grumbled "You can handle yourself for a few minutes while I go and do it…Lawl you mad?”
Letting himself have a nicotine fit and feeling that he needed a cigarette right then he moved his checkered shoes as fast as he could, turning the corner to the back of the store and scooping up a trash bag from its container. He headed through the back door making a quick march for the dumpster. As soon as he reached it he tossed the bag of trash in there and he pulled out his smokes and lighter. While lighting up his cigarette he watched the back door as it slid closed. He was feeding his nicotine addiction while the rest of them where inside working their butts off , relaxing while killing his lungs.
Over his headset the cook spoke to him,” I guess you are going to just sit out there smoking while I am back here by myself working.”
Tommy just smiled., “NOU,” he said, knowing that his favorite word would just upset the cook even more, but it would make him laugh the more he made the cook mad.

Author Notes: First story I wrote for college

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About This Story
31 May, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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