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Nighmares Turning to Reality Chpt 1 (Birthday Party)

Nighmares Turning to Reality Chpt 1 (Birthday Party)

By InnocentDemon

I am getting ready into a beautiful red gown my mother has given me.
"Hey Claire, happy b'day sweety.'' My mom said wishing me on my 18 b'day.
''Thnx mom am really excited.''
"I can't believe you've turned so big in no time, its seems as if it was just yesterday when you made stories about your nightmares.''
"Mom they weren't stories, I really saw them those blue eyes....''
My mother cut me off ''Yes, those eyes who haunted you till age of twelve and then forgot you right, believe me they were just childhood imagination.''
There was no point of arguing with her but I wasn't lying those nightmares weren't just stories there was definitely something in them. I don't why they haunted me for 11 years and I never saw them after age of twelve but they were true.
I descended the white marble staircase of my house just like a princess in my red gown. Indeed I am a princess cuz my house was not less than a palace. My grandparents were really rich and all their wealth was given to my dad and here I am their only princess.
The whole crowd was looking at me and I was looking for Sharon my best friend who was nowhere to be seen. I got disappointed. And went ahead to cut the cake. As I cut my cake the crowd started singing ''happy b'day to you'' and then ''make a wish, make a wish'' I blew my candle and made a wish and when I opened my eyes there was darkness everywhere....a powercut!!! No. And then my bestie Sharon enters in just like a savior with a candle in her hand ''Sorry am late carie but look I've saved your night.'' and then she shouted ''Hey guys the party has not yet ended and its her b'day we cannot spoil c'mon lets have a candlelight party.'' and the crowd cheered up and we danced singing by our own. Sharon did it again, she has always been my savior and that's how we actually met.
I was eleven turning into twelve just a day after so I went for my b'day shopping. I was in a trial room when suddenly the mall caught fire and a girl appeared out of nowhere and saved my life and my b'day. That was Sharon.
At present she saved my day again.
The party ended and everyone departed. I waved them goodbye and turned to Sharon who was still there ''Thank you so much Sharon you are too good.''
"C'mon what am your best friend for?''
" are....just so nice to me I couldn't have asked for someone better''.
"I won't have let you have that. Now its late you must be tired and I am so let me leave see you tomorrow ok goodbye.''
"Alrite goodbye see ya''
She walks to her car and then calls suddenly and says ''sweet dreams'' in a strange tone I grin and get back to my room to have a good sleep.

As I close my eyes I see it again after six years, those blue eyes that had haunted me before were back to haunt me there were fire in those eyes this time and there was another difference this time they seemed so familiar.

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About This Story
23 Oct, 2010
Read Time
2 mins
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