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After an overwhelming adventure in the ocean depths, Hermione was air born again – up with the birds, the dragons and the Pterodactyls.

At that moment, she and her guide were cruising quickly over a thousand feet above the vast expanse of tree land, which was over two thousand miles across in all directions with a few large lakes scattered here and there.

At one point, there came into view a large clearing, where within there was a colossal tree. The tree stood up to three hundred feet high with a huge golden trunk, enormous golden branches and emerald green leaves.

Furthermore, there was a wide sparkling walkway leading up to a keyhole-shaped opening in the tree, through which there shone some kind of pale light.

The Wanderer landed the vehicle in the clearing.

As soon as he did so, a parade of Elemental beings came out of the tree and headed along the path, which led out of the clearing.

It was nymphs to begin with, followed by elves, dwarves, satyrs, gnomes, fauns, goblins and finally fairies.

“I don’t get it,” Hermione said when the parade had left the clearing. “Did they come from another dimension or something?”

“Yes. They came from another dimension in Agartha.”



“Will you take me there?”

“Indeed I shall. That’s why I brought you to this spot.”

The pair of them left the vehicle, walked along the path, which was embedded with gems and went through the opening.

The sight, which met Hermione’s eyes took her completely by surprise.

Everything was in exactly the same proportion as that in the dimension from which she and the Wanderer had just come from.

The forest was there, so was the smoky orb above and the concave terrain, but the trees were all different coloured – no two alike.

Hermione looked around her. The immense depressions leading to the Polar regions of the Earth were still there and the ocean, but the tree with the opening in it was something else. Not only was its trunk and branches gold in colour, they were brass, silver, bronze and copper too and each leaf was a different colour.

There was life there too. Birds and dragons of many sizes – the latter of which had riders, were flying about and thousands of fairies and butterflies were fluttering about in the clearing.

The path continued into the trees.

“I can’t believe my eyes,” Hermione said. “Which part of Agartha is this?”

“The realm of the Elementals.”

“I see.”

“The inhabitants of this realm can go between dimensions through portals, like we just did.”

“Do Agarthans from other dimensions come here?”

“Indeed they do.”

“What about alien beings?”

“They come here too, though not through the openings, at the poles, which you see here, no. They come through star portals.”

“So why have you brought me here?”

“To show you around.”

“I don’t see how you can without your hover vehicle.”

“That will not be needed here.”

“How will we travel then? Surely not on foot?”

“No. We’ll be riding on dragons.”

“Just what I’ve always wanted.”

The Wanderer looked up, closed his eyes and two smaller dragons – one peach, one blue green descended into the clearing.

“Now’s your chance. Choose which one.”

Hermione climbed onto the peach one.

“I will guide them with my thoughts,” the Wander said when he was seated on the other dragon.

He closed his eyes again and the dragons took to the air.

To begin with, the dragons continued onwards over the vast area of now multicoloured tree land. There were inter-connecting crystal paths, along which humans, Elementals and aliens were walking back and forth and the lakes were inhabited by serpents.

Furthermore, there were other dragons flying about with non-Elementals on their backs, including aliens.

The Wanderer told Hermione that the forest was inhabited by fauns, satyrs, goblins, gnomes, fairies and nymphs.

Eventually, the wonderful forest met one end of shimmering mountain range, higher than the Andes, which arced up for some considerable distance.

The foothills were clad in gold-coloured trees and the upper slopes, which were free of snow and ice, had veins of marble and crystal running through them.

While she was being carried through the mountains, Hermione saw vast waterfalls, lakes, rivers, cave openings with luminescent light emanating from within, griffons, hippogriffs and more dragons, carrying non-Elemental beings.

After about four thousand miles, the mountain range came to an end.

Beyond that, there was an expansive plain of emerald grass and lakes.

The dragons, which were carrying Hermione and her guide, descended to about a thousand feet and headed out over the immense plain, which was inhabited by centaurs and unicorns.

By then, Hermione was getting hungry and thirsty, as was the Wanderer.

The Wanderer guided the dragons down to a lake, from, which several unicorns were drinking.

When they were back on the ground, the dragon riders got off their mounts and sat on a couple of mushrooms, facing the lake.

“There’s something I’d like to know,” Hermione said.

“What might that be?”

“What kind of food do the beings from your home world eat? Is it the same as what people have in Agartha?”

“It’s similar. Like the Agarthans, they eat fruit, vegetables and nuts. No meat is consumed there either, for all animals are looked upon equally.”

“I’d love to try some Orion food.”

“Very well.”

The Wanderer used his thought power skills to create two golden bowls of fruit – one for himself and the other for Hermione.

Hermione had never seen such fruit.

She began to eat immediately.

The first one she had, was bright green and slightly pear shaped. The difference was, it had the texture and taste of an apple.

The second was bright blue and shaped like an over-sized strawberry. It had the taste and texture of a pear.

The third was bright orange and lemon shaped with the texture and taste of a peach.

The fourth was bright pink and shaped like an over-sized plum. It had the texture of a plum, but the taste of an orange.

The fifth was bright purple and shaped like an apple-sized raspberry. It had the texture of a blueberry and the taste of a strawberry.

The sixth was bright yellow and shaped like a lemon-sized grape. It had the texture of a raspberry and the taste of a blueberry.

The seventh was bright red and shaped like an orange-sized pumpkin. It had the texture of an orange and the taste of a blackcurrant.

The last one was dark green and shaped like a lime-sized melon. It had the texture and taste of a pineapple.

“So, did you enjoy that?” the Wanderer asked, when he and Hermione had finished eating.

“It was totally delicious.”

“Now you’ve had a taste of alien food.”

“I could do with a drink.”

The Wanderer made the bowls disappear. He then created a golden goblet with some kind of pink liquid inside and gave it to Hermione.

“You’ll enjoy this,” he said.

“What is it?”

“A mixture of Orion fruit juices.”

Hermione drank the liquid, which tasted like the fruits she had eaten, all rolled into one.

“That was delicious.”

“I’m pleased you liked it,” said the Wanderer, who made the goblet disappear. “And now we shall continue on.”

Hermione and her guide climbed back on their dragons and continued onwards.

Beyond the immense plain, there was an expansive area of large, red pumas-like rock formations, all honeycombed with luminous caves and passages.

In many places, there were what appeared to be, strange blue and green coral-like crystal formations. Millions of them there were.

Furthermore, Hermione saw what were undoubtedly trolls – thousands of them. They were walking about, going in and out of openings in the rock formations, staring out of more openings and eating the coral shaped crystals.

The Wanderer explained to Hermione that the crystals were a special form of nourishment for the trolls.

Beyond that area of terrain, there was a vast turquoise ocean.

As the Wanderer guided the dragons out over the sea, Hermione saw water dragons, serpents, whales, dolphins and Mer people – several of which were swimming by the coastal areas of an island.

For over six thousand miles the mighty body of water stretched, all the way to the coastline of shimmering cliffs, which rose up over a thousand feet to meet a vast area of multicoloured tree land.

Over a thousand miles further on, the enormous tree portal, through which Hermione and her guide had entered the Elemental realm, came into view. It dominated over the forest, which stretched out far and wide in all directions.

It was then that Hermione realized that she had been carried in a complete circle of the interior surface of the globe.

When Hermione and her guide were back in the clearing, the dragons flew off.

“Did you enjoy that?” the Wanderer asked.

“It was wonderful.”

“I’m pleased you liked it.”

“Will you take me to any other dimensions while I’m here?”

“At a later moment, but for now, I will show you more of the dimension from which we have just come.”

So Hermione and her guide entered the portal and left the Elemental realm.

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