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So the first stage of Hermione’s adventure was over – a visit to a mammoth labyrinth of records, where aliens entered or left Agartha via stargates. Now the second stage of her adventure was to come.

At that moment, the Wanderer had just cleared the island and was flying in the direction of the opposite shore, slowly for some reason.

“So where are you taking me now?” Hermione asked.


“Are you serious?”

“I sure am.”

“That’s crazy.”

“It may seem so to you, but I can work this thing underwater.”


“I’ll show you.”

The Wanderer pressed a button and a protective blister covered the top of the vehicle. He then pressed another button and artificial air filled the craft.

“Now we can go underwater,” the Wanderer said. “At a slower pace though.”

He flew the craft down gently and entered the sea, which was clear, about three miles away from the island.

And so, the adventure began.

As the Wanderer began to steer the vehicle under the water, Hermione saw technicoloured fish, octopuses, sharks, whales, dolphins, squids, turtles, jellyfish, crabs, lobsters, seahorses, seals, starfish, serpents, water dragons, Plesiosaurs, eels, oysters, clams, corals, crystals, seaweed, Mer people – men, women and children and a number of other things.

That was all just below the surface of the sea, which at that moment was a little over a thousand feet in depth and getting deeper.

But that was just the beginning, for the sea floor suddenly became steeper and very uneven. It went on like that for some distance, before levelling out at a depth of over a mile.

Life was just as bountiful at that depth, but some creatures were fairly larger in size, including crabs, lobsters, sea horses, jellyfish and sea horses.

Then there came a point when the terrain slanted down at a steeper angle of about forty-five degrees to another flat area, some three miles below the surface.

At that depth the creatures were larger, the seaweed fairly taller and hundreds of crystals of some size dotted the place.

For five to six miles it went on like that, until the terrain suddenly slanted down at an angle of sixty degrees to a depth of about five miles, to a forest of tree-sized mushrooms with thick stems and parachute-sized caps.

While travelling over the mushroom forest, Hermione saw more dragons, whales, serpents, Mer People, Plesiosaurs and over-sized life forms, including four-metre-tall sea horses, fifty-foot-long eels, giant octopuses, oysters with two-metre-wide shells and ten-foot-high shrimps.

After about four hundred miles, the forest met a range of steep-sided mountains between three and four thousand feet high.

It was at that point that the Wanderer steered the vehicle through a large opening in one of the mountains – an opening, which led to an extensive system of caverns and passages, illuminated by some sort of uncanny pale greyish blue lighting.

Within the caverns, there were thousands of Mer people, either swimming about, or lying-in open clam shells carved out of crystal, as well as a number of other creatures, including sea horses and dolphins.

After going down through many caverns and passages, the Wanderer steered the vehicle into an immeasurable bright blue cavern, stretching out of sight in every direction. Within the cavern, there was a luminous forest of mammoth crystals, stretching as far as the eye could see.

By then Hermione was hungry and thirsty, so the Wanderer produced some fruit and water for her.

As the Wanderer steered the vehicle across the crystal forest, Hermione saw a range of creatures with some kind of luminescent property of their own, including serpent-sized eels, mammoth jellyfish, stupendous shell fish and a bizarre looking fish with two rows of spikes running from head to tail.

Eventually, the immense crystal forest came to an end.

The Wanderer steered the vehicle through a passage, that led to another immeasurable cavern, which was bright green in colour.

Unlike in the previous cavern, there was no forest of crystals. Instead, there was what turned out to be a forest of enormous, bizarre looking luminous plants, stretching out of sight.

As the journey continued, Hermione stared in astonishment at all the different plants. There were pineapple-shaped ones, pumpkin-shaped ones, starfish-shaped ones with upward curving tentacles, gherkin-shaped ones, orchid-shaped ones, cacti and numerous others.

Alien vegetation in the labyrinth was one thing, but a forest of unusual plants in a cavern beneath the sea floor of Agartha was something else.

There were however, thousands of luminous creatures, like in the previous cavern.

Eventually, after hundreds of miles, maybe a thousand, the forest ended.

The Wanderer steered the vehicle through a short passage, which led to a luminous bright red cavern, which turned out to be immeasurable as the last two.

Unlike in the previous caverns, there were neither crystals nor giant forms of vegetation. Instead, there was what turned out to be a forest of mammoth corals.

For many miles the Wanderer steered the vehicle over the coral forest, which stretched as far as the eye could see in all directions. Like the previous two caverns it was inhabited by luminous life forms.

Eventually, the vast forest came to an end.

Beyond that, the Wanderer steered the vehicle up through another extensive system of passages and crystal caverns, inhabited by Mer people.

The system of caverns and tunnels led up to a forest of tree-sized mushrooms. Hermione saw many life forms there, but no luminous ones.

The mushroom forest extended for up to two hundred miles to a forty-five-degree incline, which led for some way up to an area of large crystals, corals and very tall seaweed, inhabited by many over-sized lifeforms, including crabs, seahorses, eels and squid, along with dragons, Mer People, serpents, whales, dolphins, seals, sharks.

The Wanderer steered the vehicle for about ten miles over that area, before heading up a forty-degree incline. By then the surface of the Ocean was in plain sight.

Higher up the corals and crystals were smaller, the seaweed shorter and the lifeforms, which had been larger than usual at lower depths, were of ordinary size.

Then finally, the vehicle burst the Ocean surface about three miles off the opposite shore, which was lined with enormous cliffs.

It had been an amazing experience for Hermione.

“What did you make of that?” the Wanderer asked.

“It was overwhelming.”

“The ocean holds many more secrets.”

“Well I’m certainly astounded by what I saw.”

When they were at a height of two thousand feet, the Wanderer pressed a button and the vehicle cover disappeared. He then pressed another one and the artificial air supply stopped.

After that, he began to steer the vehicle quickly inland, over a very expansive area resembling the Amazon jungle.

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27 Sep, 2022
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