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The spaceport was now far behind Hermione and the Wanderer, who was flying the vehicle through a mighty range of shimmering mountains – free of snow and ice.

Within the mighty range of soaring peaks, there were lakes, giant crystal clusters, rivers, valleys, toy settlements, misty waterfalls plunging into abysses and slopes veined with silver.

There were other hover vehicles about too, along with birds and Pterodactyls.

It seemed totally incredible to Hermione, that beneath the mountains, there existed the mighty realm of the giants – hidden from the naked eye.

At one point, the Wanderer descended and touched down on a very large landing pad with thousands of vehicles on top, situated by a great lake, over six miles across in all directions.

The lake had countless ducks, geese and swans on its surface and hundreds of multicoloured boats, made of some kind of crystal-like material, were carrying all kinds of beings, to and from a mile-wide island in the centre.

Furthermore, there were more of those boats lined up on either side of crystal pontoons. Beings were stepping into the boats, which drifted away of their own accord and vice versa. Even more beings were leaving the landing pad and heading onto the pontoons, or returning. Then there were those who were either landing or taking off.

Not all of them were humans and aliens, no, there were many Elementals too.

“What in the world is on that island?” Hermione asked.

“You shall see.”

Hermione and her guide walked to the end of a pontoon and climbed into a boat, along with a pair of seven-foot tall, humanoid aliens with electric blue skin, double fiery red pony tails and luminous green eyes.

When everyone was in place, the boat drifted away from the pontoon – as if it were on autopilot and slowly headed for the island.

“I don’t get this,” Hermione said. “Why do these boats move by themselves?”

“They are driven by a higher force of energy,” replied the Wanderer.

On and on the boat went, until it reached the island, which had a large opening. From within the opening, there emanated some form of mysterious jade light.

The boat went through the opening, which led to a gigantic, luminous cavern, that hollowed out the entire island. Finally, it came to a stop by one out of dozens of pontoons, like those by the lake.

Hermione and her guide, along with the two aliens, got out of the boat and walked along the pontoon.

The pair of them then ascended a wide path, passing many beings along the way, before going through an opening.

Once outside, they began to make their way up a wide flight of winding steps, passing even more beings.

Eventually, they reached the summit of the island, where there was a broad flat area of ground, on top of which there was built, a large shimmering crystal arch. The arch was fifteen feet high and the same in width and through it, there emanated pure white light.

Furthermore, there were beings either disappearing into the light, or coming out of it.

Hermione wasn’t surprised, for she suspected what the arch was.

“Is that an inter-dimensional portal?” she asked.

“Indeed it is,” replied the Wanderer.

“I thought as much. Have you been there?”

“I certainly have.”

“What’s it like? What’s in there?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.”

When it was their turn, Hermione and her guide went through the portal.

“I can’t believe my eyes,” Hermione said.

Straight in front of her, there was a busy, gem-embedded wide marble road. The road wound its way through a range of low hills, covered neither in grass nor trees, but in pale coloured, luminous vibrant pulsating crystal clusters of many sizes.

High up in the air, there were luminous dragons, birds and fairies. Yes, they were luminous too.

Beyond the low hills, there were higher ones – clad in more crystals.

Even further on, there were pale coloured areas of land and sea, sweeping upwards, directly overhead, beyond the central sun, which was pearly white instead of smoky coloured.

Hermione looked all around her and saw that the terrain swept up overhead in every direction. Even the Polar openings were there.

As for the arch, it was still there, but beyond it were more crystal-covered hills and whatever lay further.

“Where in the world is this place?” Hermione asked.

“A higher dimensional part of Agartha.”

“How long will we be spending here?”

“A while. As a matter of fact, you won’t be returning to the dimension, which we have come from.”

“Why not?”

“You’ll find out later.”

Hermione had to make do with that.

She and her guide made their way along the road for some distance, until a stunning sight came into view.

Surrounded by a ring of hills, was a multicoloured settlement of domes, spires, pagodas and other kinds of fine architectural structures. The settlement had a shimmering luminescence of its own. Whatever it was made of, Hermione could not tell.

She and the Wanderer continued right to the end of the road and into the settlement, which happened to be made of multicoloured crystal.

Directly ahead, there was a shimmering wide passage of crystal, which ran for over a kilometre to a great pyramid, some three hundred feet high.

On either side there were pagodas, domed buildings, spires, stairways, arches and narrower passages branching off to other areas of the settlement. Everything was embedded with bright gems.

Then there were the people – Agarthans, aliens and Elementals alike.

Most of the humans were wearing colourful clothing, such as dresses, robes and turbans, along with shimmering sandals.

The strange thing, was the fact that they were luminous like the city. Yes, they were luminous and not just their clothing, but their skin too. They even had auras surrounding them, giving them an ethereal appearance.

There were even luminous cats and dogs going about and luminous birds were perched everywhere.

“Welcome, to the city of Shamballa,” said the Wanderer.

“This – this is astonishing.”

“The luminous people, which you see are the inhabitants.”

Hermione had presumed as much.

“Are you going to show me the entire place?” she asked.

“No, just some of it.”

Hermione and the Wanderer walked along the passage for about a quarter of a mile, before turning right into a busy side passage, lined with pagodas on either side.

Soon, they reached the end of the street and entered a large square. Within the square, there was a group of luminous women with long black hair and pale blue dresses, dancing around a tall fountain of luminous, multicoloured light.

Pagodas surrounded the square on all sides and three more passages branched off – one to the right, one to the left and one directly opposite.

Furthermore, there were spectators, either standing in the square, or looking out of the pagodas.

Hermione and her guide watched the performance briefly, before heading into the lefthand passage, which was lined on either side with more pagodas.

Eventually, they reached a wide, circular clearing, surrounded by domed buildings, pagodas and side passages.

Within the clearing, there was an even larger fountain of multicoloured light with birds perched round the edge.

Dozens of small, luminous trees in large crystal pots, dotted the area around the fountain.

So that’s how things were.

Hermione and the Wanderer made their way through many passages and clearings, in which there were many wonders, including luminous pulsating crystal clusters, a hundred-foot-tall pyramid and more luminous fountains of light.

At one point, they walked through some luminous gardens. The vegetation shimmered, as did the ponds and fountains of liquid light. Even the wildlife glowed.

While in there, Hermione had some more Orion fruit and fruit juice.

After leaving the gardens, Hermione and her guide continued through more passages and open areas, until they reached the centre of Shamballa.

At the city centre, there was a very wide ring of huge, luminous light fountains – each a hundred feet tall, surrounding a three hundred foot tall, Egyptian-like pyramid.

The mighty building in all its splendid grandeur, towered above the buildings surrounding the clearing and leading to it, was a very wide, gem-embedded walkway, lined with pulsating crystal clusters on either side. Through a large opening at the top of a wide flight of steps, there emitted turquoise light.

Inhabitants of Shamballa were going in and out of the pyramid.

“What’s in there?” Hermione asked.

“You’ll see.”

Hermione and the Wanderer headed along the walkway, climbed the steps and entered the pyramid.

Within the pyramid, there was a ring of twelve fifty-foot-tall fountains of silver and gold light. The fountains surrounded a ten-metre-wide, circular platform with two large arches side by side on top. Through both archways, there emanated pure white light.

Some inhabitants were disappearing through the left-hand arch, while others were appearing through the right.

Also, there were hundreds of bright pink and green orbs whizzing about all over the place.

Furthermore, the entire chamber was lit by a mystical turquoise light.

“This is magnificent,” Hermione said. “Are those arches portals?”

“They most certainly are. The inhabitants use them to travel to and from Shamballa, as you can see.”

“Where does the left hand one lead?”

“To wherever one wishes. It leads to other Universes, other star systems, other dimensions, you name it.”

“Are we going through it?”

“Not we I’m afraid. You are.”

“I don’t understand.”

“It’s time for you to return to the outer world.”

That came as a big shock to Hermione.

She had been so mesmerized by everything she had seen in Agartha, that the thought of returning to the outer world had, well, totally left her mind.

“I see,” she said.

“It had to come to this point, I’m afraid.”

“I understand.”

“I know you enjoyed your time here.”

“Where will I end up when I return to the outer world?”

“Back where you live.”

“Will I be able to return?”

“Certainly, but not in the same way. In other words, you’ll end up coming through another portal.”

“I see.”

“However, I must tell you not to go looking for other portals.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’ll come across them in unexpected places.”

“What must I do with the ring then?”

“You must pass it on to another to use.”

“I see.”

“Now then, it’s time for you to get going.”

“Well, thanks for everything.”

Hermione exchanged farewells with the Wanderer and disappeared through the portal – leaving Agartha, well, for the present.

Author Notes: I might write a follow up at a later moment.

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