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Hermione’s adventure in Agartha was turning out to be most astonishing.

First of all she had been taken to a vast labyrinth, covering hundreds of square miles, which contained an immeasurable amount of knowledge, alien vegetation and intergalactic portals.

Secondly, it was into the depths of the ocean, where she saw luminous vegetation and crystals and over-sized sea creatures, in luminous caverns.

After that, it was the Elemental realm, which so happened to be situated in a totally different dimension of Agartha.

“Are you ready to continue?” the Wander asked after Hermione had finished eating and drinking more Orion fruit and fruit juice.

“I sure am.”

“Off we go then.”

The Wanderer started up the controls and the vehicle left the clearing.

Hermione was airborne again, flying over the vast forest, which continued for over a thousand miles to one end of a great mountain range.

The mountain range so happened to be positioned in exactly the same area as the one in the Elemental realm and was almost identical. The only difference, was that the foothills were clad in Alpine trees.

Instead of heading up into the mountains, the Wanderer steered the vehicle through a huge opening, which other vehicles were going in and out of.

The opening led to a vast, luminous pink cavern with enormous crystals growing out of the walls, the ceiling and the floor. An enormous passage branched off into the unknown.

“This is remarkable,” Hermione said.

“There are more crystal caverns further on.”

“Somehow, I get the feeling that I’m in for another great surprise.”

The Wanderer flew the vehicle down through twenty more, vast pink crystal caverns, until he reached a place, which completely took Hermione’s breath away.

Beyond the complex of crystal caverns, there was a far greater cavern with a pale greyish blue atmosphere.

The other sides of the cavern were hidden from sight by the five-mile-high convex ceiling. In other words, it was immeasurable.

That wasn’t all, far from it.

The cavern had a concave landscape inside, just like the interior surface of the Earth. There were high, mountainous hills, clad in enormous evergreen trees, rivers, waterfalls and lakes in sight.

Many birds were there too – over-sized birds, including eagles, falcons and condors.

For two to three dozen miles the Wander flew the vehicle, until he reached a mountain range, as high as the Andes. The immense peaks had grey slopes – streaked with silver, marble and quartz.

At that point he had to fly higher to avoid colliding with the terrain.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing this,” said Hermione, who was mesmerized.

“This is just the beginning.”

There were lakes, waterfalls plunging into misty abysses and rivers.

The Wanderer flew the vehicle over the mountains for over four dozen miles, before descending through more tree-covered foot hills, to a height of five hundred feet.

All along the way, there were over-sized birds flying about and other hover vehicles too.

As the Wanderer continued on beyond the hills, Hermione began to see things beyond her wildest dreams.

To begin with, there were lower hills – clad in emerald grass with crystals growing out of them.

That was nothing new.

Beyond that, there were vast fields with over-sized crops growing in them. Some fields had kale plants the size of small trees growing in them, others with twenty-foot-high potato plants, others with parachute-sized cabbages, others with seventy-foot-tall runner bean plants and so on.

Furthermore, there were giants there. Yes, there were giants. Not only were there male giants, but female ones and children too. They all resembled stone age people and were dressed like them.

The adults stood between forty and fifty feet and the children between twenty and thirty feet.

The women and the girls were harvesting produce and putting it in huge baskets. The men and the boys were loading the baskets onto vast carts, drawn by colossal horses.

“This is astonishing,” Hermione said. “What is this place?”

“The realm of the giants.”

“That as much I can see. How big is it?”

“Thousands of miles across in all directions. It’s all situated in one vast, continent-sized cavern.”

More carts were being pulled in and out of fields, or back and forth along a muddy road, as wide as a twelve-laned motorway.

For up to six miles the road ran, until it reached, what turned out to be a very large settlement of huge buildings.

The buildings were circular in shape with widths of over two hundred feet and heights of over a hundred feet. The walls were made of no more than stone and their conical roofs were thatched. The entrances were over fifty feet high and about thirty feet wide and there were four-metre-wide circular holes in the walls. From within the buildings, there emanated some form of pink lighting.

Then there were the inhabitants.

The adults were either walking about, resting, or going in and out of the buildings, which Hermione presumed were houses.

Those going inside them were carrying baskets full of crops and those coming out were carrying empty ones.

Children of all ages were playing around joyfully.

In the centre of the settlement, there was a very wide-open space, about seven hundred feet across. Within the space, there were more giants. Some were unloading full baskets of produce off two carts, while others were placing empty baskets on another two.

The entire settlement covered an area of five-square miles.

“This is wonderful,” Hermione said.

“There are hundreds more settlements like this here.”

“How long have the giants been here?”

“Right back before the Earth’s surface was populated by humans.”

Beyond the settlement, there were more green hills covered with emerald grass. Thousands of sheep and goats, larger than woolly mammoths were grazing.

After a distance of up to fifty miles, the Wanderer began to fly the vehicle out across an immense ocean.

By then, Hermione was getting rather hungry and thirsty, so the Wanderer created a bowl of fruit and a cup of water for her.

While flying across the mighty ocean, Hermione saw plenty of life, including whales, dolphins, serpents and Plesiosaurs. There were a few tree-covered islands too.

Other hover vehicles were going back and forth across the sea.

Eventually, after travelling over a huge distance of four thousand miles, Hermione and the Wanderer reached the opposite shore.

Beyond that, there were more emerald grass-covered hills, inhabited by enormous wild goats and sheep.

Further on, there were more settlements and crop fields, followed by rolling green hills, inhabited by gigantic wild horses and cows.

It didn’t end there, for beyond the rolling hills, there was another mountain range with mighty, tree-clad foothills and snow and ice-free peaks higher than the Himalayas.

Beyond the mountains, there was an area of lower tree-covered hills and lakes, stretching for a hundred miles to the far side of the cavern.

The Wander flew the vehicle out of the cavern, before heading up through a system of mauve crystal caverns and passages.

“What did you make of that?” the Wanderer asked.

“It was astonishing.”

“I knew you’d like it.”

“I’d like to have seen more.”

“That may be, but the giant realm really is a big place. A very long time it would take to see everything.”

Finally, Hermione and here guide left the crystal caverns.

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30 Sep, 2022
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