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So the adventure had finally begun.

As the Wanderer flew the vehicle over the mountains, Hermione saw glistening turquoise lakes, vast waterfalls cascading into immense misty cauldrons, more dragons, immense openings leading to luminous caverns, more birds, more vehicles, more Pterodactyls and what appeared to be settlements, made of some sort of luminous material – crystal possibly.

When they reached the edge of the mountains, the Wanderer flew the craft down through the vast foothills to a height of a thousand feet, before cruising out over an expansive area of evergreen trees, straight towards the coast.

About three hundred miles further on, the tree land met a coast of enormous shimmering cliffs, which plunged a thousand feet into the calm shimmering water.

As the craft sped far out over the sea, Hermione stared downwards, but she couldn’t see any life – one because she was too high up and two because the vehicle was going so fast.

At one point, a very large island loomed up, so the Wanderer had to slow right down.

The island had long white beaches, shimmering grey cliffs and tall steep-sided hills clad in trees, surrounding a flat area of ground with some kind of sparkling white super structure bang in the centre.

Many hover vehicles were going towards the structure and vice versa.

The mighty structure, whatever it was, turned out to be labyrinthine appearance with many thousands of vast passages with curved roofs, separated by areas of lush vegetation.

Although the structure had outer grounds, it had inner ones too.

There were very wide, open circular spaces with exotic gardens, small lakes, swimming pools, pyramids, enormous domed buildings and other things within them.

Hemione saw thousands of tiny dots moving about below.

The superstructure was circular in shape and covered an area of over four hundred square miles.

The outer grounds consisted of lush vegetation, formal gardens, many thousands of small pepper pot-shaped buildings and what appeared to be a vast landing pad with thousands of hover vehicles on top. Vehicles were taking off continually and vice versa.

Finally, the Wander landed his vehicle on the mighty landing pad, which was over a mile long and over half a mile wide. It was situated just to the right of a vast triangular entrance to the structure.

Hermione stared in wonder at the people going about the place. They looked just like humans from the Earth’s surface. There were people with dark skin, red hair, blonde hair, Indian-like features, brown hair, black hair, Chinese-like features, Native American Indian-like features, Aboriginal features, the lot.

They were wearing vibrant colourful clothing and footwear, which shimmered, including robes, suits, turbans, sandals and slip-on shoes.

Many of them were going in and out of the building.

“What is this place?” Hermione asked.

“The great Agarthan labyrinth of knowledge.”

“Are you taking me inside?”

“Indeed I am.”

Hermione and the Wanderer approached the superstructure, which happened to be made from some sort of luminous white crystal – embedded with gems.

When they reached it, they entered.

The sight, which met Hermione’s eyes was totally astonishing.

Within the enormous midnight blue entrance hall, there was a stupendous hologram of the Milky Way with a diameter of two hundred feet. It was rotating at an angle of thirty degrees and a bright green pinpoint of light showed the position of Earth.

Hermione and her guide crossed the entrance hall, passing the outlines of people and went through another vast triangular opening, which led to one of the labyrinth’s enormous passages.

The passage was incredibly large. It was over three hundred feet both in width and height, but its length, well, that was totally out of the question. It gradually curved out of sight in both directions.

Unlike the midnight blue entrance hall, the passage was partially see-through from within, so the light was just perfect.

Within the passage, there were fountains of luminous, multicoloured light, brightly coloured flowers in raised beds, palm trees surrounded by circular crystal walls, humans, including children and unknown lifeforms, which Hermione assumed were aliens.

The otherworldly beings came in a wide variety of forms.

There were beings with seven-foot-tall slender mauve bodies, thin arms ending in three fingered hands, thin legs ending in three toed feet, long necks, balloon shaped heads, enormous dark purple eyes, slits for nostrils and lipless mouths; four-foot-tall humanoid, furless felines with tough, leathery dark red skin and bright yellow eyes set in cat-like heads, but no tails; six-foot-tall humanoid canines with dark grey rock-like skin, bulging muscles and luminous green eyes set in dog-like heads; eight-foot-tall humanoid reptiles with dark green skin, enormous arms, bulging muscles, bright yellow eyes, large mouths and long tails, which trailed along the ground behind them as they walked, beings that resembled Yoda and Chewbacca and many others.

On either side of the passage, there were shelves upon shelves, all made of crystal, to a height of a hundred feet, stretching as far as the eye could see. All along the shelves, there were countless small luminous crystal pyramids resembling Sith holocrons, only they were pale blue in colour.

Many beings were removing pyramids from the shelves, which they could reach, while others were replacing them and small ball-shaped robots with extendable arms were being used to access the higher shelves.

Other beings were walking around, sitting on crystal stools at square crystal tables, studying what appeared to be moving holographic images, projecting from the pyramids, swimming in fountain pools and flying back and forth in hover vehicles at safe heights and at different speeds.

“I can’t believe my eyes,” Hermione said.

“The labyrinth contains more knowledge than you could possibly comprehend, in many billions of those pyramids, which happen to be holographic record keepers.

“Beings from countless worlds come here to learn about the Earth and other wonders of the Cosmos, which have been stored in the records, including certain long-lost histories of their own home worlds. More and more lifeforms turn up here all the time and vice versa, through portals at the heart of the labyrinth.

“Most of the time they use those hover vehicles in order to reach areas of the labyrinth they want to study in. After all, the labyrinth is so incredibly vast that it would take an infinity to go for thousands of miles at any pace on foot, through the passages, which are all partially invisible. By hover vehicle it would take next to no time when travelling for great distances.”

“I’d like to ride in one.”

“That is precisely what we are going to do. There are a few places here, which you must see. We’ll take this one here.”

Hermione and her guide got in an empty two-seater bright red hover vehicle with rounded ends. The Wanderer started up the controls and the vehicle rose up four metres and shot off exceedingly fast to the right.

What an overwhelming experience it turned out to be for Hermione – journeying for mile after mile, this way and that, through countless passages. The movement of the vehicle was so quick that everything along the way was no more than a fleeting blur to Hermione.

After travelling for no more than an hour, the Wanderer slowed the vehicle down and parked it on a very long landing pad, on which hundreds of vehicles were line up side by side in rows before a vast, triangular opening, which beings – humans and aliens alike were going in and out of. The opening led to an area of lush vegetation.

Hermione and her guide left the vehicle and went through into the area of vegetation, which happened to be situated out in one of the inner grounds of the labyrinth.

The pair of them began to make their way along a wide gem-embedded path, leading into the trees.

Along the way, Hermione saw thousands of brightly coloured flowers, luminous fountains of liquid light, holographic statues of Elementals, small turquoise ponds, dragon flies, butterflies, bees, ladybirds, small technicoloured birds, fairies and humans going back and forth.

At one point Hermione and her guide came to a large circular clearing, where within there were hundreds of humans sitting on crystal stools around small crystal square tables, eating what appeared to be vegetables fruit and nuts and drinking from crystal goblets.

What baffled Hermione, was the fact that there were neither chefs, nor servants. There wasn’t even a kitchen.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” she said.

“It will.”

“Are we going to eat and drink here?”

“We most certainly are.”

Hermione and her guide sat down at a nearby table.

“This totally baffles me,” said Hermione, who suddenly saw something, which took her breath away.

Two plates full of roast vegetables along with two crystal goblets appeared out of nowhere on a table close by, which two women with long red hair had just sat down at.

“How in the world did that just happen?” she asked. “Was it some form of magic?”

“No magic was involved.”

“How then?”

“The inhabitants of Agartha can create things by the power of thought.”

“Power of thought?”

“Yes. Even I can do it.”

“Show me how it’s done.”

The Wanderer closed his eyes and two large crystal plates piled with roast vegetables appeared on the table, along with crystal knives and forks and two crystal cups filled with some kind of sparkling liquid.

“Wow!” Hermione said.

“Tuck in.”

So Hermione ate all her vegetables, which turned out to be the best she had ever had, then drank from her cup the sparkling drink, which turned out to be fruit juice.

When the Wanderer had finished his food and drink, he closed his eyes again and everything on the table disappeared.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked.

“It was wonderful.”

“There are several other places like this here.”

“Where will you take me now?”

“To another part of the labyrinth.”

Hermione and her guide went back to the vehicle. The Wanderer started up the controls and they sped off again.

After another speedy journey through many more passages, the Wanderer touched down on another long landing area with hundreds of vehicles on top, in front of a mighty triangular opening. Many beings were going back and forth through the opening, which led to an area of what appeared to be some sort of vegetation.

Hermione and her guide left the vehicle and went through the opening into the vegetation area, which happened to be situated within another one of the inner grounds.

The vegetation was unlike any, which Hermione was familiar with – far from it.

There were large dark red plants resembling pine cones; enormous plants with serrated bright green leaves opened out like banana skins around massive bright red flowers with hundreds of petals; tall pink trees resembling coral reefs; bright orange plants resembling oversized sea urchins, topped with purple orchid shaped flowers; trees with broad purple trunks and a mass of writhing tentacle-like branches and many other kinds.

“I can’t believe my eyes,” said Hermione.

“The vegetation, which you see here was brought to Earth from other planets. In other words – alien vegetation.”

“That as much I can see.”

“Using their thought power-based technology, the builders of the labyrinth created a special kind of soil, suitable for the growth of this vegetation.

“As a matter of fact, the builders were extra-terrestrials called Catharians, who came from another dimension on Jupiter.”

“Are you serious?”

“I sure am.”

“What became of them? Did they return to Jupiter?”

“No, they stayed here. The islanders are descended from them.”

“How many of them live on the island?”

“Over twenty thousand.”

“What do they look like?”

“They stand between seven and eight feet tall with falcon-like eyes, fair hair – the women’s longer than the men’s and they wear vibrant clothing and glistening sandals.”

“When did their ancestors come here?”

“Hundreds of thousands of years ago.”

“Did they bring vegetation from Jupiter with them?”

“Indeed they did. You’ll see it while I show you round.”

So Hermione and her guide began to walk around the place – keeping to gem-embedded crystal paths.

Along the way, Hermione saw thousands of varieties of unearthly vegetation. There were plants with tall pink stems entwined with vines and large mauve flowers with writhing tentacles in the centre; bright blue, parachute-sized plants surrounded dozens of moving red tentacles; plants with tiers of tough dark blue leaves splayed out flat around thick bright orange stems; tall plants with prickly dark yellow stems and jellyfish-shaped bright red caps and many others.

The Wanderer pointed out to Hermione, which ones had been brought from Jupiter.

Once the tour was over, the pair of them returned to the hover vehicle.

“Did you enjoy that?” the Wanderer asked.

“I sure did. Never did it occur to me that descendants from alien beings live here.”

“The islanders aren’t the only ones who have alien ancestors.”


“Yes. Millions of Agarthans are descended from aliens who came here to live – human ones that is.”

“What about you?”

“I come from a planet in the Orion star system. When I was younger, I learned how to travel through time and space and have been doing so ever since. I am known by beings from many worlds in every Universe beyond. Every now and then I visit my home world, but I have no intention of returning there to live. I just desire to journey continuously through time and space, settling neither here nor there. Now we shall continue.”

The Wanderer started up the controls and the vehicle shot off for the third time, through numerous passages for so many miles.

Then after about an hour, the Wander touched down on another very long landing pad before a vast triangular opening.

Many beings were going back and forth through the opening, which led to an area of Earthly evergreen vegetation.

Hermione and her guide left the vehicle and went through the opening into the vegetation area, which like the alien vegetation and the eating place, was out in one of the inner grounds.

They then began to make their way into the trees, keeping to gem-embedded crystal paths.

Along the way, Hermione saw small turquoise ponds, holographic statues of Elementals, fountains of liquid light, groves, bees, dragonflies, butterflies, ladybirds technicoloured birds, seas of many coloured flowers, fairies and many beings going back and forth.

At one point Hermione and her guide reached a clearing with a glistening white crystal pyramid, no more than a hundred feet tall right in the centre of it.

Surrounding the pyramid were several fountains of liquid light, small bushes and flower beds.

A wide, gem-embedded crystal path led up to the pyramid, which many beings were entering or leaving, through a twenty-foot-high triangular opening continuously.

“What in the world is in there?” Hermione asked.

“You’ll see.”

Hermione and her guide walked round the edge of the clearing and headed inside the pyramid, which was entirely hollow and partially invisible like the labyrinth passageways.

Within the pyramid, there were two, large circular, mirror-like objects with majestic gem-embedded frames of gold, about thirty feet apart facing each other. Both of them were twenty feet in diameter, but instead of panes of glass, they surrounded vibrant curtains of light – one bright green, the other bright red.

That wasn’t all, because there were beings disappearing through the red one to the right or appearing through the green one.

“What in the world are they?” Hermione asked.

“Star portals.”


“Yes. The red one is used by those returning to their home worlds, while the green one is used by those coming here. I myself use them when coming here.”

“I see.”

“I did tell you when we first met that there are star portals here in Agartha.”

“Oh yes, I remember.”

“Well now that you’ve seen this, I will show you other parts of Agartha.”

So it was.

Hermione and her guide left the pyramid and headed back to the vehicle.

The Wanderer started up the controls and the vehicle sped off again. Along the way, Hermione was given an assortment of nuts and some fruit juice to drink.

Then finally, the vehicle reached the opening leading to the entrance hall.

Hermione and the Wanderer got out of the vehicle for the last time, went back through the entrance hall and left the labyrinth.

“Did you enjoy that?” the Wanderer asked when they were back in his own vehicle.

“It was amazing.”

“That was just the beginning.”

“How many parts of Agartha will you show me?”

“A fair few.”

The Wanderer started the controls and the vehicle left the labyrinth grounds.

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