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So, after travelling thousands of miles through the realm of the giants, Hermione and the Wanderer had returned to the inner most cavity of the Earth.

The Wanderer was now flying the vehicle over an area of mountainous, tree-clad hills, towards what looked like, a giant funnel-shaped depression four hundred miles away.

Both the land and the sea continued out of sight through the depression, which was over a thousand miles across.

Hermione wasn’t surprised, for she suspected that the depression was one of the openings leading to the outer world. She gazed up and saw the other opening directly opposite the depression.

Between the hills and the depression, there was a large area of lakes and green terrain.

As the Wanderer flew the vehicle closer, Hermione began to make out unknown objects rising up off the ground beyond the hills and heading for the depression and vice versa.

When the hills were behind, she was able to see what was going on.

There was, what appeared to be, a gigantic spaceport. It wasn’t all concrete with run ways like an air field, far from it.

Instead, there were white marble landing pads of different sizes with hover vehicles parked on the edges, surrounded by vegetation.

Space ships of all different sizes, ranging from very small, to enormous were taking off and heading towards the depression and vice versa.

One landing pad had a two-mile-wide ship, shaped like a boomerang parked on top. Thousands of tiny dots were descending the vast boarding ramp and making for the hover vehicles.

On a far smaller pad nearby, there was a ship, no larger than the Millennium Falcon. A group of beings were boarding the ramp, ready to journey into the depths of space.

Furthermore, there were areas of parkland and gardens, situated between the landing pads, as well as trees and lakes.

Further away, there were ships taking off from pads hidden by vegetation, while others were landing.

The entire port covered an area of over six hundred square miles. It was that big.

“Wow!” Hermione said. “This is overwhelming.”

“Beings from countless worlds come to this spaceport.”

“I’ve heard of underground alien bases before, but this is beyond belief.”

“There’s another spaceport directly opposite by the other opening.”

The Wanderer flew the vehicle in mighty zigzags over the entire port – allowing Hermione to see everything that was going on.

What a breath-taking sight it was.

Ships were taking off and landing non-stop. Many were being boarded and vice versa.

One spaceship, which had just landed was up to five miles long. It had ten enormous spheres – each half a mile in diameter, joined together in a straight row.

There was nothing but vegetation, gardens, lakes and parkland between the landing pads.

At one point, five flying saucers took off from a landing pad, on which thousands of saucers were parked, while six more came in to land.

Eventually, the Wanderer landed the vehicle by a small lake, surrounded by trees, flowers and grass.

Thousands of beings were walking back and forth around the lake, which had thousands of ducks, geese and swans swimming on it.

Hermione and her guide got out of the vehicle and began to walk slowly around the lake.

“This must seem very strange to all these other worldly visitors,” Hermione said.

“Not in the least.”


“Well, the vegetation is strikingly similar on many worlds and the lifeforms too.”


“Yes. Many worlds have trees, flowers and birds, both on the insides and outsides.”

“What do you mean by on the insides?”

“Well, simply that there are other hollow planets with polar openings leading to subterranean realms like Agartha.”

“Have you been to them?”

“Indeed I have.”

Suddenly, a six-foot tall, humanoid feline with bulging muscles, dark red furless skin, a tail and luminous yellow eyes, approached Hermione and the Wanderer.

“Greetings Dagon,” the Wanderer said.

“Greetings dear Wanderer,” the alien said in a kind purring voice. “Who might this be?”

“Another being from the outer world.”

Dagon faced Hermione.

“I’m Hermione.”

“A pleasure to meet you Hermione.”

“The same to you.”

“Dagon here is from a Pleiadean world called Daddon,” the Wanderer said.


“It does sound amazing,” Dagon said.

“I have heard of beings from the Pleiades,” Hermione said. “Is it true that they came here to Earth thousands of years ago?”

“Indeed it is.”

“I thought as much.”

“My ancestors turned up many thousands of years ago and helped establish the colonization of Atlantis.”

“Tell me about Daddon,” said Hermione. “How does it compare to Earth?”

“Well, the outer surface is one big jungle with a few very large lakes scattered about. Numerous life forms, including birds, primates, insects and reptiles live on the exterior.

“My kind however, only inhabit the interior realm, which is no more or less different to Agartha.

“Then there are the luminous caves and passages connecting the inner and outer surfaces. Many of our caverns are inhabited by civilizations living in crystal cities. Others have jungles, swamps, forests, lakes, crystals, mushrooms, glow worms and entire oceans inside.

“If you’re wondering why me and my people don’t live on the outer surface, well, it’s because we leave it to nature.”

“I had been wondering that,” Hermione said. “Tell me, how big is Daddon? Does it have any moons? Which star does it orbit?”

“Well, it is five times the size of Earth. It has three moons and orbits Elektra.”

“What are the moons like?”

“Ogo, which is nearest to Daddon, is one big forest with several large lakes dotted about. Life is bountiful there. Zo, which is the second furthest away, is one big desert, inhabited by primitive life – rather like Tatooine from your Star Wars movies. As for Goz, it’s one mighty ocean, teeming with life – dolphins and whales especially.

“All of the moons are larger than Mars, but not as big as Earth.”

“Tell me, what colour is the atmosphere of Daddon?” Hermione asked. “Is it blue like Earth’s?”

“No, it has a mauve atmosphere.”

“There’s just one other thing I’d like to know.”

“What’s that?” replied Dagon.

“How old are you exactly?”

“I’m over a thousand years old.”


With that, Dagon finished.

By then, Hermione and the Wanderer had rounded the lake and were back at the vehicle.

“Did you enjoy that?” Dagon asked Hermione.

“I certainly did. Never did I imagine that I would meet a Pleiadean.”

“Well, this is where we part,” Dagon said. “It’s been a pleasure to know you Hermione.”


With that, Dagon left.

Hermione and her guide got back in the vehicle and flew away from the lake.

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30 Sep, 2022
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