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One peaceful night, a young woman with a huge mass of long wavy brown hair and green eyes, called Hermione, was standing out on the balcony of her seaside home, gazing up at a large, bright full Moon, set among thousands of stars.

Hermione was wearing a long pale blue dress, a pair of tall black boots and a silver ring – embedded with rubies and emeralds on the middle finger of her right hand.

The majestic Moon cast a blazing path of light on the calm water – exposing the silhouette of a small sailing vessel, no more than a mile off shore.

At that moment in her life, Hermione wanted only to go off on some adventure – to the Moon, to Mars, into the heart of the Amazon, up Everest, to the deepest depths of the Oceans, into endless cavern systems, anything.

There was however one place, which she most longed to visit and that was Agartha – the realm of Elementals, dinosaurs, civilizations with super technology, visitors from outer space and eternal light. Chances of getting there were one in a million – or were they?

Suddenly the clock in Hermione’s bedroom struck twelve.

When the twelfth chime sounded, the ring on Hermione’s finger glowed very bright and she vanished into thin air.

When she reappeared, Hermione found herself standing on the summit of a mighty, shimmering grey mountain, in a snow and ice-free range, some two thousand miles long and higher than the Himalayas.

The lower slopes of the peaks were clad in Alpine trees and the upper ones had veins of silver crisscrossing through them – lighting them up like beacons.

There was plenty of life there.

Pterodactyls were flying about, birds, including eagles, falcons and condors were flocking everywhere and dragons of different sizes and colours were cruising in all directions at different altitudes, like planes.

Not only that, but there were hover vehicles of some sort darting here and there at great speeds.

It was all wonderful enough to Hermione, but there were other things, which looked right out of place.

To start off with, there was no horizon in any direction.

Beyond the mountains to the right of Hermione, the terrain arced up for over three thousand miles, to some kind of circular depression, shaped like the mouth of a funnel with a most stupendous diameter of eleven or twelve hundred miles.

The terrain on the upper side of the depression arced right up to a point where it was facing upside down.

Beyond the left-hand mountains, the terrain curved upwards for over three thousand miles, to meet another stupendous depression, of equal size and shape as the right hand one, which was positioned directly opposite.

The terrain on the upper side of the second depression arced all the way up to an upside down position.

Beyond the mountains in front of Hermione, the terrain curved up for hundreds of miles, to the coast of a vast turquoise Ocean. The Ocean was up to six or seven thousand miles across in most places and it narrowed at either end, before continuing out of sight into the depressions – whatever they were meant to be.

The terrain on the far shore arced right up to a downwards-facing position.

Beyond the mountains behind Hermione, the terrain stretched from the right-hand opening, all the way to the left hand one and onwards and upwards to a point where it was facing down.

There were no other oceans, but several large turquoise lakes were in view.

Finally, there was the mysterious, pale smoky orb, positioned directly overhead. It cast a soft, warm light on everything and created a mystical hazy atmosphere.

All that lay beyond that way upside down terrain.

To Hermione, it was like standing on the inner surface of a gigantic ball, thousands of miles across.

It was a most uncanny place, but Hermione wasn’t the least bit surprised in any way, for she suspected exactly where she was.

Suddenly, a golden hover vehicle approached the mountain on which she was standing and landed on the summit.

It had two seats, a length of five feet, a width of four feet and an open top.

The driver looked exactly like Gandalf the White.

Hermione wasn’t the least bit intimidated by him.

“In you get,” the driver said warmly.

Hermione got in the vehicle.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“I am known as the Wanderer.”

“My name’s Hermione.”

“Pleased to meet you Hermione.”

“Likewise. Am I right in thinking that this place is Agartha?”

“Indeed you are.”

“I’ve always wanted to come here.”

“Agartha is connected to the outer world in countless places by a mighty complex of luminous caverns and tunnels, which stretches throughout the Earth’s crust.”

“What are those enormous depressions?”

“They are openings, which lead directly to the Polar regions of the outer world. Near each opening, there is a spaceport, used by Agarthans and aliens alike, when leaving or entering the Earth. In other words, the openings are used as portals.”

“I see.”

“However, there are other portals here.”

“Speaking of portals, how did I end up here?”

“Through a portal.”

“I don’t understand.”

“The ring, which you wear on your finger is a magic one – a gateway to Agartha.”

“A gateway?”

“Yes. Gateways don’t just come in the form of doors or arches.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“Whoever wears the ring, comes to Agartha at midnight, like you did – other surface dwellers that is.”

“I see.”

“You, like all previous visitors, will be going on an adventure with me as the guide. Now then, are you ready?”

“I sure am.”

“Off we go then.”

The Wanderer started up the controls and the vehicle shot off towards the ocean.

Author Notes: I've added an Extra Terrestrial touch throughout this story.

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25 Sep, 2022
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4 mins
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