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A Night Alone... Finally!

A Night Alone... Finally!

By Life_is_Hard

"Finally! A night alone!" I laugh to myself as I jump on the bed.
I check my schedule for the night, and I see that I have no homework from school today. I can't wait to enjoy relaxing without being interrupted. I go downstairs and start microwaving popcorn. I get out my fluffy unicorn blanket and make a fort on the couch. I hear the microwave beep and get the popcorn out. I place the bowl on the ground next to the couch and sit down. Then I pull out my phone and text my best friend.
' You wanna come over tonight and watch some movies??? >u<' I type and wait for a reply.
' Sure! Can I bring a movie too? And do you want me to bring some food since I know you never have anything good to eat! XD' says the response.
I snicker a little to myself and type back,' Cool! And yes bring food!!!! and lots of it! '
There isn't another response and I start prepping everything. I clean up the living room because it was a little dirty from my family. Then I kind of breeze through the kitchen with a Febreze can and spray. I also spray some in the downstairs bathroom as well because, why not? You don't want people to use your bathroom and be like," Ew. This smells gross. Do they not clean the bathroom?!". Yeah no thanks.
The door bell rings and I suddenly get really excited. I answer the door with extreme excitement and I yell jokingly,
" Welcome to my humble abode peasant!"
"Thank you master for letting me enter this estate," they say with a smirk.
I blush a little bit and let them in.
"What movie did you bring over?" I ask as soon as I'm calmed down.
"The Conjuring!" they laugh.
" You know I don't like scary movies! That's not fair!" I grumble already terrified.
"It'll be fine! Let's just watch it. Come on I'm here, it's okay little one." They coo in my ear and I flinch.
They laugh and escort themselves to the couch fort and I try to gather myself as I sit down next to them. They get up and put in the movie, pick up the popcorn and pour their snacks out onto the couch. Then they settle into the covers next to me and wrap the blankets around us. I nestle a little closer and get comfortable, which is nearly impossible because I'm so mortified. I am not ready for this movie.
So, we're halfway through the movie and I am extremely terrified. There's this girl running back up the stairs that lead down to the cellar and something drags her down of course. I scream and bury my face into my best friend. They just laugh and pull me a little closer. Suddenly I start to cry. They probably notice the tears because suddenly the movie is paused and they look down at me.
"It's okay. I'm here to protect you from all the monsters of the world," They say smiling down at me," If you stay with me you'll always be okay."
"You p-promise?" I ask.
"Yes I promise you dork! Now let's start another movie okay?" they ask suddenly cheerful.
I nod and feel a small smile come to my face as I bury myself in their arms," I love you so much," I say before I even realize.
"I love you too my little kitten," they say and pull me closer and put a peck on my forehead," Don't ever leave me," they say and I can feel their heart speed up as mine does too.
"I won't ever, I promise," I say and lean a little closer in their arms.
Then the door opens.

Author Notes: Hope you guys liked my cute little story! <3

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31 Aug, 2015
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3 mins
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