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A Night Alone... Finally! (Part 2/ Extended ending)

A Night Alone... Finally! (Part 2/ Extended ending)

By Life_is_Hard

        Then the door opens.
        I scramble out of my best friend's arms and flop onto the couch. I'm trying to look natural, but it's not working. My friend is laughing so hard at me and I just die inside as my mother, father, and two younger siblings walk through the door. The two younger children run upstairs after each other as my mother drops her purse on the floor.
        "Oh, hey there my little Katie-bug!" says my father trying to put on an energetic face.
        "Your mother and I are very exhausted from our little trip today so we're going straight to bed. See you in the morning!" says my father once more as he and Mother walk upstairs to their bedroom. I hear the door shut and I sigh.
        "That was unexpected." says my friend as they get up to put in a different movie.
        "No kidding right? I though they were supposed to get home tomorrow? Like what the heck man?! That's not cool!" I yell angrily because of my parents interruption of everything!
        "It's okay, calm down," they say soothingly," we still have the whole rest of the night to do whatever we want because everyone's asleep." they laugh a little bit and sit back down on the couch, pulling me into their lap. I screech and flail a little bit. They laugh at my stupid antics and just pull me closer as the theme song for Universal Studios starts to play on the screen.
        "What are we watching?" I ask monotonously.
         "Beautiful Creatures." They said as they pulled me close into their arms.
        "Oh! I really like that movie..." I stammer uncomfortably as they wrap both of us in a blanket.
        "Good... That's why I put it in." they say and focus on the screen.
        I sigh in content and lean back into them. I soon fall asleep.
        "Morning beautiful!" says a familiar voice as I open my eyes. I recognize it. It's Phil, my best friend.
        "Good morning..." I say sleepily as I rub my eyes and sit up," Where are my parents?" I question.
        "This morning they left to go to the store and told me to keep an eye on the house," he says," They took the kids with them."
        "Oh..." I trail off and get off the couch. I walk to the kitchen and get down a box of cereal and some milk. Phil walks into the kitchen as well and sits down at the table, silently watching me as I pour my cereal and milk into the bowl.
        "Can I help you?" I jokingly ask him as I walk back into the living room and turn on the TV.
        "Ha, ha. Very funny Kate," Phil says and plops down next to me. He steals the remote from my hands and turns on the morning cartoons.
        "Can we PLEASE watch something else?" I ask as I eat my cereal.
        "Nope," he says. We sat there watching cartoons for 30 MINUTES.
        I get up off the couch to put my bowl in the sink and go back to the living room to find that Phil was sprawled on the couch entangled in the big fluffy blanket we used last night.
        I flop onto him and laugh as he flails under the covers. I find an opening in the blanket and he pokes his head out.
        Wearing an angry expression he says," That wasn't funny." As I laugh hysterically Phil sighs and pushes me off him, only to set me in his lap and nuzzle into my neck from behind.
        "What are y-?!" I am cut off by Phil gently kissing me. He pulls away and says,
         "Don't do that again," he says sternly," now, let's watch some Spongebob!"
         I laugh at him as though he is a little child and give him the remote. He turns on Spongebob and I sigh heavily.
        "Come on babe. It's not that stupid...." Phil says, very in depth with the TV show.
         "Yes it is," I say as I get up to go to my room.
         "Where are you going?" asks Phil
         "My room," I say with a smirk.
        "No you're not!" he yells and starts to chase me up the stairs.
         I scream and run as fast as I can to my room and close the door. Alas, he gets through and I tumble onto the floor as the door swings open.
         "Got you!" he shouts and tackles me. I scream as he tickles my sides.
        "N-n sto-stop!" I yell through a fit of laughter.
        He finally stops and I wipe away tears from my eyes and lay on my bed. Phil sits next to me and pulls my head into his lap and runs his fingers through my hair. It's so peaceful. I sigh and look up at him. I look into his eyes and blush a little as he stares into mine. I break the stare and roll out of his grasp, off the bed, and onto the floor. He laughs at my idiocy but I am still extremely flustered. I glance at him to see that he is looking around at all of my sketches that littler the walls. He looks at one in particular and asks,
        " When did you draw this one?"
        Curiously and carefully he removes the drawing from my wall for closer inspection.
        "Last week." I say and watch as his eyes dart over the surface of my sketch. That was the sketch I made of him.
        "It...uh.... It's good." He blushes as he realizes that you probably spent a lot of time working on this to get it perfect. It was a picture of him for crying out loud! And everything was exact, from his murky green eyes to his defined shoulders.
        "You... You can have it if you want...." I say and scratch the back of my neck sheepishly.
        Regaining his composure Phil says,
        " Nah, you probably like to wake up and look at my beautiful face every morning. You should keep it," he smirks," After all it is your artwork."
        "S-Shut up!" I yell, a thick blush covering my face as I snatch the drawing and hang it back up on my wall.
        "Kate," he begins with a serious look on his face," I love you."
        Panicking inside I am at a loss for words as I look at his perfectly sculpted face and remember the first time he said those words to me. I smile as I tackle him and reply," I love you too."
        We lay there in my bed for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes, until the phone rang. I started to get up but he tugged me back down.
        "I have to go get the phone!" I laugh and run to the phone.
        "Hello?" I ask when I pick up the phone unsuspectingly.

        Little did I know that that phone call would change my life forever.


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22 Sep, 2015
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6 mins
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