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A Night An Hour A Moment A While

A Night An Hour A Moment A While

By Simon Cowell

A night an hour a moment a while ,
A face a glance a look and a smile ,
walking toward me my hope turns to fear ,...
now you have seen me would you soon disapear ,
jump in my car lets go for a drive ,
if you say no I doubt i'll survive ,
a drink in a pub is a good place to start ,
enough background noise to drown the pound of my heart ,
a walk through the village its such a nice night ,
you by my side is pure delight ,
walking and talking about likes and dislikes ,
kids play in the street what little tykes ,
lets head back to town you say with a frown ,
I trip on a kerb ha what a clown ,
back to the place where we first met ,
you look at me , smile and say your not going yet ,
you hold my hand as we walk through the park ,
under a moonlit sky so its not that dark ,
we enter a pub with beer mats on the ceiling ,
being with you such a wonderfull feeling ,
hey look at the time on the clock in the tower ,
neither of us had realised the lateness of the hour ,
hope your not tired you've a long drive ahead ,
while picturing him all warm in his bed ,
dont you worry its been a wonderfull date ,
he said with a smile and its not that late ,
sit on this bench then just for a sec ,
oh go on then hey what the heck ,
ive got work in the moring but I dont want to go ,
he said isnt it awfull only bad times go slow ,
well back to your car please dont drive fast ,
wishing this date forever could last ,
holding him close and squeezing him tight ,
wishing so much i could hold him all night ,
the time had come to tell him goodbye ,
I walked on ahead and watched him drive by ,
and as his car drove up the street ,
I hoped and I prayed again we would meet ,
my date my soulmate my night in shinning armour ,
his body a ship my arms his safe harbour ,
the best night of my life i shall never forget ,
improvement on which has not happened yet ,
a night an hour a moment a while ,
im thinking about it now just look at my smile ......................
Dedicated to Gavin by Simon Andrew Cowell

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About The Author
Simon Cowell
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24 Apr, 2014

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