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Night Festival

Night Festival

By EmeraldCupcake - 1 Review

Perhaps this is a dream.

It was something she always found herself thinking as she found herself on the beach. The air was warm, the sky was black, the stars sparkled brightly down at her. The massive moon reflected off the ocean, and she could hear the waves crashing against the rocks.

Perhaps if I pinched myself I will wake up.

The distant sound of drums made their way over to her. They were deep, and produced a powerful rhythm that almost made her feel strong and confident. Something that she never felt in the real world.

The girl very well knew this was a dream. It was something she dreamt almost nightly. And it always started and ended the same way.

The adolescent turned and started walking towards the music. The sand was warm between her toes, she could feel the vibrations from the music ahead on the soles of her feet. As she got closer, she noticed a deep orange yellow glow in the distance and dark silhouettes dancing around it. Despite experiencing this dream countless times, and knowing what was ahead, she couldn’t help but feel curious.

As she got closer she could see the large bonfire blazing, and people in flowy, colorful clothing dancing to the beat of the drums around the flames. She stood mesmerized as she watched the dancers move, their movements flowed as much as their clothing.

They all stopped dancing and turned to the girl. They cheered and welcomed her, asking her to join their dance. She let herself be pulled into the circle, the music filled her, she felt light and happy. She swayed and gyrated to the drumming, the widest smile on her face.

If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.

She wanted to stay in this dream world forever, this world where she was accepted, loved, and wanted. A place where she was happy and could be herself without anybody telling her she couldn’t.

As the girl danced she spotted a figure standing in front of the ocean, away from the bonfire. She knew this person, she’s seen them in her dreams constantly. She had stopped dancing as the figure starting walking towards her. They were female, she could tell by their curves and they way they walked.

The woman was beautiful indeed. Her eyes were a gorgeous sea green, her skin tan. Hair a soft dark brown, it was curled at the bottom and bounced lightly as she walked. Eyebrows were thick but perfectly shaped and flawlessly arched. Her jaw was small, but looked strong. Her lips, full and pink, they were pulled back into a smile, showing off a dazzling white smile. Her body was shaped like an hourglass, and the floral print one piece bathing suit showed off her curves beautifully. A tan translucent fabric wrapped around her waist flowed behind her as she made her way over to the teen. She moved with so much grace it was almost like she was floating. The girl couldn’t take her eyes off her.

As always, the beautiful dream girl stopped in front of the younger female. Up this close the younger could see how long the older’s lashes were, she could see the seashell headband that wrapped around her head. The tiny dark freckle that rest just underneath her left eye.

The women spoke no words as she took the young girl’s hands. The younger smiled. This woman standing in front of her will from then on be known as her dream girl.

Like always, the dream girl said no words. She instead pulled the other into the dance circle and they began to dance.

The music was louder than ever, it was like her very soul was being lifted, all worry and other negative emotions was being taken away. Both their bodies moved with and against each other. Their eyes never left each other’s as they danced, a tight bond was being formed as they continued to move together. The longer they danced, the more the girl disconnected herself with her surroundings. Soon, it was just her and the dream girl, dancing to the beat of the drums.

The dream girl suddenly stops dancing and her hands drop from the other female’s waist and looks towards the ocean. The sun was rising. It was time to go. She looked back at the other, her smile was gone, her eyes glittered with tears. She then leans forward and places light kisses on both the younger’s cheeks.

“I’ll be waiting” she mouthed.

The girl woke up.

Every night this dream occurs. Everyday she wakes up she feels close to tears and pines for the dream girl.

It was only a dream.

But it was only just a dream.

She gets up, showers, dresses, grabs a quick breakfast and walks out the door for school.

The chilly fall wind blows through the girl and she covers her mouth and nose with her scarf. She wishes it was summer. She hated walking to school in cold weather like this. Despite the frigid air, the sun was out and not a cloud in the sky.

The teen passes by the beach like she does everyday. It’s the same beach she visits in her dreams. She stops and takes in the view of the waters. The whole scene was beautiful, the water was calm, soft ripples appeared as the wind blew. Not a single footprint tainted the sand, and the light from the sun caused the water to glitter.

She then noticed a woman sitting in the sand below. She was wearing a white summer dress, she was digging her toes in the sand as she looked out at the ocean. Why this woman was wearing that dress in this weather baffled the adolescent.

She looked strangely familiar, the light brown hair, the tan skin. Entranced, she walked down onto the beach, not caring that she was getting sand in her shoes and socks. As she got closer, she recognized the woman, that seashell headband was enough.

Perhaps this is just a dream.

The woman turned and looked up at the girl.

Perhaps if I pinched myself I’ll wake up.

Her lips pulled into a wide smile, her sea green eyes glowed brightly.

I don’t want to wake up.

Her mouth moved, mouthing the words:

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

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6 Mar, 2017
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