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A Night in the Rain
A Night in the Rain

A Night in the Rain

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It started out like any rainy day. I did what I always did on rainy days. I sat in the mud and rain. And got soaking wet. Just the way I liked it. I just sat there, staring into The distance. Thinking many thoughts. I heard the door open behind me. I waited a few seconds and then I felt someone sitting down next to me. I glanced at her and smiled. She looked so pretty soaking wet, her pants now covered in mud.

"Why do you sit here In the cold like this?" She asked.

"Because it just feels peaceful. It helps calm my troubled mind."

She then looked at me with a knowing smile, "Do You know What else calms your troubled mind?"

"What?" I asked.

She leaned in close and kissed me. I grabbed her and layed down in the mud, kissing her more. She looked at me and grined.

"You're all coverd In mud."

"Yes. Yes I am."

She playfully punched my arm, I grabbed her and pushed her off me, right into the mud. I laughed as I stood up and offered her my hand to help her up. She grabbed a handful of mud and threw it at me. It hit me in the chest and she giggled as she scrambled to her feet and started running away. I started to chase after her and she screamed a playful scream. Once I caught up too her I grabbed her and hugged her tightly. She struggled for a moment, then turned to face me. We just looked into each others eyes for long moment, then she grabbed my face and pulled me in for a long kiss. That moment seemed to last forever. But we both wished it could have lasted even longer.

Author Notes: Whenever I like a girl, I can't help but imagine the things that could happen, and writing it down is even better.

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7 Dec, 2020
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