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By esme

Una awoke, her eyes blury, what awoke her was not the light that shone threw the skylight, it was a tickle of fure against her feet.
A small tabby cat lay puring on top of her feet "shancama" murmered Una and gentaly moved the kitten, Shancama had been a abandoned kitten found on the roadside, her fure faling out and starving to death.
Una sat up with a groan "I wish it was saterday." she said to herself. Una looked to her left, A sparkaly gold short dress was crumpled up on the floor, its right strap had been broken and the thread was becoming undone.
Suddenly she doubled over as a mouth full of stomuch acid and chips came hurling out of her mouth, and onto the cotten blue blancket.
with horra Una realised what she had done, Mark had invited her to a party, that older kids mostly went to, how could she refuse? the chancce to go mad and get drunk only came once to a 14 year old girl who has a over pretective mum.
"OH shit mum!" thaught Una, she fell out of bed in a hurry and grabbed the cover, she ran to the washing mashene and stuffed the blanket in, was mum about? she was usualy up this time, making pancakes and squeesing orang juse. Una sighed a sigh of relife, her mum had slept in, and was still asleep, Una could see her shape threw the crack in the door. But wasnt the shape suposed to be breathing? in and out, the blancet was not even giving any notion that Unas mum was breathing, "Ah sometimes you cant see things at a positaion."
"your such a geek" said a tall figure behing Una, her older brother, he grabbed her sholders, making her scream.
"Bure get off me!" yelled Una, he grinned and winked at her, "sis were were you last night?" bure aske the now stiff Una.
"dont tell mum." she wispered
"ok, i wont tell her only if you test something i have been making" he smiled and winked at Una.
"No um Bure w-what is it?"
Bure tightend his grip on her sholders, and pushed her up on the wall.
"ok but i dont want to"
"do you want me to tell mum you have been out drinking with mark and taking drugs?"
"hey i never took drugs!"
"so? i can still telll on you sis. mum!"
"shhhust she will hear you"
"come on in sis, it will only take a sec"
Bure dragged Una into his room at the end of the hall, he pushed her in and loked the door behind him. Una looked at him, he was acting weired, he had good grades and was a great help around the house, but why was he so cautious and twitchy?
"there" he said and pointed to his desk, a rolled up small peace of paper from a maths book, lay on the table Una could see the algebra on the page, next to the tube of mathis paper was a line of white, substance, itm looked like a line of fine small grains of rice, but Una knew better. she turned to hm, he had his back to the door.
"its drugs Bure, what do you want to do with drugs?"
"its not mine, Una i found it under mums bed-"
"yeah?. nice try bro, i am not taking drugs just because you are to afrade to take them-"
Bures face went red, he bit his lip, after a small pause he stuck his hand in his pocket and took out a stanly knife, "do it" he said.

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About This Story
26 Mar, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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