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Night Terror
Night Terror

Night Terror

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I woke up, sweat dripping down my back, the sun beaming through my window. I feel my heart stop, and chills run down my spine when I see the scratch marks on the door of my closet. I sit still in silence.

I was still able to vividly recall my nightmare.

I remember climbing out of my bedroom window and bolting toward the woods. My feet had a mind of their own. They carried my body up into the treetops, across the forest floor and all the way to the nearby reservoir. I felt free. The only thing lighting up the night was the moon.

Just as I was feeling so free, a rabbit dashed by me. Before I could think, my body was chasing after the creature. The next thing I remembered there was blood and rabbit fur dripping down my fingers. I slash marks cut through the rabbit’s pelt.

I felt as if I wasn’t dreaming at that point. My body stole me away from the ripped up animal and started after a deer in the clearing. Once again, my mind blacked out. The next thing I remembered was a disembodied head laying on the ground next to a ripped open buck. My hands were dripping with the flesh of another creature. Gradually my fingers began to shrink and retract to look like the hands of a 12 year old boy again. It wasn’t until now that I had realized the razors that protruded from my fingernails.

The next thing I remembered was a tent glowing in the distance, the silhouette of a man reading a book came closer and closer. My body was pulling me near.

And then I woke up… the scratch marks on my closet door resembled those on the animals from my nightmare. Was it me? Could this have been my doing?

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12 Mar, 2021
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