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Night Under the Stars 5
Night Under the Stars 5

Night Under the Stars 5


Later that night Cassie got home and she went up to Lilly's room. She didn't see Luke so she knew that he had gone home. Cassie then went back downstairs and smelled the couch and also smelled the sheets. They didn't smell so she knew nothing had happened so then Cassie walked to her room and went to bed. The next morning Luke and Lilly walked to school together like always and when they got to the school they went and got their books and headed to class. The announcements came on to say that semi-formal will be on Friday and it was only Monday, Luke then thought to himself that he should ask Lilly to go to semi-formal with him. later on, when school was over Luke couldn't find Lilly to walk her home, just then he walked around the corner of the school to see that the principles son had asked her to homecoming already. She told him yes and gave him a hug. the sons' name is Max and when they quit hugging Max walked Lilly home so Luke walked home alone. On the walk home for Luke all he could think about was Lilly and how his big plan maybe ruined but then he got an idea to where he goes big on asking her and she has to say yes to how good it will be.

The next morning Lilly woke up to the sound of Luke slamming his front door shut. She looked out the window to see him dressed nice and walking to school already. Luke texted all the boys and girls in the school to help him set up his plan. A little later Lilly walks to school alone and when she gets there everybody would have one rose each, as she walked through the rows of people on both sides of her she had a big thing of flowers. When she finally got to the end of about 3,000 people she saw a big poster hanging from the ceiling it said "Roses are red violets are blue, I need you and you need me. He then walked up to her getting on his knees with a big thing of chocolates and a dress with a necklace and another poster.

He then asked, "Will you come to homecoming with me?" She cried and told him yes. she then walked to Max and said she couldn't go to semi-formal with him. The other poster he had said, you are like a Swedish fish, you are sweat and the only fish in the sea for me. They then got pictures with each other and after that, they skipped school and he took her to the nicest restaurant in their town it is called Spegetties. after that, they went home and went to bed and Lilly told Cassie all about it. And she had tried on the dress and necklace and she loved it. it all fit her perfectly, all she had to do was get her a pair of heels to wear. she found a navy blue pair that matched the navy blue dress and the white pearl necklace.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading!

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7 Nov, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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