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Night Under the Stars 6
Night Under the Stars 6

Night Under the Stars 6


Lilly put the heals on with the dress and she loved the whole outfit. She showed her mom then went back upstairs and got into pj's and she headed to bed.


Lilly quickly wakes up hearing a loud thud on her window. Luke was throwing rocks at the window. She is running to get ready, she heads downstairs after she was dressed to let Luke in to have breakfast with her and her mom. They eat eggs, bacon, and sausage for breakfast. Luke stands up pushing his chair to the table and holds his hand out for Lilly to grab. Lilly looks up and grabs his hand, looks at him then looks back at her mom to see her smiling. Lilly smiles back at her and she pushes her chair in and they walk out the door heading to school. After school today they have prom around 6 and it ends at 12.

Luke walks Lilly to her classroom and they are in classes. After school, Luke was walking around the school nervous for tonight. Lilly was searching for him for almost an hour until she found him. He sat down on the nearest bench when he saw her coming his way. He watched her walk in his direction and Lilly sat next to him. They had stared at each other saying nothing for 10 minutes finally Lilly was starting up a conversation.

"Well, we might get in trouble because we still aren't home and it's been over an hour since we were dismissed," Lilly said nervously.

"I will tell them what happened, I am just not ready for tonight. I feel I will be embarrassed." Luke replied.

"Why do you say that?"Lilly said.

"Well, I don't think I will be dressed nice enough to match the glow of the beautiful girl I'm dancing with," Luke said while blushing.

"Don't worry you will always have that glow. I am so ready for tonight and I know that you are too so let's make it one of the best dances we have ever been to." Lilly replied with confidence.

They get up and start to walk back home when they get there they explain to the parents what happened. After that, they went to Lukes house and did the homework that they needed to work on. Around five Lilly went home and got ready for the dance. Luke pulled up in front of the house getting out of a limo that they were taking to the dance, he came to the front door and knocked on the door. Cassie let Luke in and both of them waited for Lilly to come down the stairs. Lilly finished up and headed down the stairs.

"WOW, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. THAT'S MY GIRL Y'ALL!!!!!" Luke yelled out.

"She is very beautiful," Cassie said in a normal voice.

*Loud laugh comes from Lilly*

"Thank you to both of you haha," Lilly replied.

Luke reached his hand out for Lilly to grab. She hooks arms with him like if she was getting walked down a wedding aisle. Luke lets go of her when they get to the limo so he can open the door for her and he closed the door carefully behind her making sure to not close her dress in the door. He then gets in on the other side and hands her a big thing of flowers. then they head off to the party.

Author Notes: There will be another one, please leave some reviews

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11 Dec, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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