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Night Under the Stars 7
Night Under the Stars 7

Night Under the Stars 7


They arrive at the dance, Luke gets out of the limo and helps Lilly get out. He holds her dress so it doesn't drag on the wet muddy ground. When they get inside the door they wipe off their shoes and make sure they are not wet so they don't slip and fall. There was a fast song on so they went over and got some punch and sat at a table talking until a slow song came on. When the slow song finally came on Luke stood up, reached his hand out in front of him, and asked if he could have this dance. She softly placed her palm with his and told him he may have this dance. She got up and they walked to the dance floor and had started to dance. After the slow song was over Lilly was dancing to the fast dance while Luke went to the bathroom.

Lilly then saw a guy walking toward her in a black and white mask that looked like a cat mask. He asked her to dance and she said sure. Just then Luke finished in the bathroom and walked out to notice she was dancing with another guy for the slow dance that had come on. Luke asked if the guy in the mask would go find someone else to dance with because Lilly was his date, the guy in the mask told him he didn't come with anyone and he only really knows Lilly. Just then Lilly asked who this guy was and he took off his mask and so he did what he was asked and took off the mask. Lilly was so shocked, it was her old best friend from her old school. He was from the school she went to two years ago before she had come here.

"Jake!" Lilly said allowed.

"I had to come to visit sometime and I heard about the dance so I thought my best friend would let me dance with her at least once. Who is your new friend?" Jake said to Lilly.

"Well this is Luke and I don't mind if we dance once, I am sure that Luke won't mind either," Lilly replied.

"Okay well thank you both," Jake replied.

"No thank you for showing up and surprising me this night is amazing!" Lilly replied.

"Well I will sit at this table until you are done then we can all dance together for the faster songs," Luke said.

"Okay thank you Luke," Lilly said back

Luke nodded and Lilly went dancing with Jake. He had put his mask back on to hide his face since he doesn't go to this school. Jake reached his hand out to take her's and she gently placed her hand in his palm. They slowly walked to the dance floor and they started to dance. She placed her arms up on his shoulders and he placed his hands on her waist. They looked at each other's eyes and stared at each other for about a minute or so. Lilly wrapped her arms around Jake's stomach and hugged him, Jake hugged her back and they just stood there hugging the whole song. Luke got jealous so he went up and asked Jake if he could have the next dance with her. Jake said of course and Jake took a seat. Just then Jake and Lilly's song came on, they have known this song since they were five. So Jake went up there and switched places with Luke. Lilly and Jake do the dance they always did. The dance was smooth but also looked so professional when they dance to the song so just then they were the center of attention and everyone circled around them including Luke.

'Music playing'

After the dance, Luke drove all three of them back to his house which is right next to Lilly's and so Jake asked where her house was and she pointed to the one next to them. He complimented the house and asked if she was really allowed to be at his house when no one is here. She replied with yes and told how they won't end up doing anything bad because she knows she will get in trouble. Luke then shuts off the car when they get in his driveway and he waves for them to get out. He grabs his keys and when they got out he locked the car. Jake secretly grabs his bag and walks to Lilly's front door before she saw it and knocked on the door leaving his suitcase there. Lilly's mom already knew what it was and what was going on because she is the one that asked if Jake wanted to come stay since they were on spring break after tomorrow. Jake runs back to Luke's house and they asked what he was doing and he replied that he just had to take a call.

Author Notes: I will be making the next part of this soon can't wait! Thank you for reading this and I hope you leave a good review.

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15 Mar, 2019
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4 mins
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