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A Night Under the Stars
A Night Under the Stars

A Night Under the Stars

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The sun starts to set over the treetops. It brings out a bright red in the sky as it goes down over the horizon. The clouds reflect a multitude of colors, from reds to pinks, as they breeze over the sky. The trees slowly ruffle to the side as they silhouette from the sinking sun. the shadows move as well, slowly turning with the breeze. The smell of grass and peacefulness fill the air as it gets darker.

I sit on the roof of our house, relaxing with her and watching the sunset. My head comfortably lays on hers, and as the light gets darker the colors get more vivid in the sky. We sat there for hours, calmly watching the day shift to night as I hold her close. Her warmth brings me closer to sleep as I grow more comfortable in her arms, and her eyes start to droop as she lays in mine.

As the stars come out into the sky, I drift off into the realm of dreams.

“I love you.” I whisper into her ear as I feel myself falling.

“I love you too.” She whispers back, and we lay back sleeping peacefully under the stars.

Author Notes: I love you.
Yeah, you.
Not just any reader, you.
You. Specifically.
I wrote this, because I felt I needed to say this.
I can't wait for that day.

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23 May, 2019
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