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Night Under the Stars Chapter 2
Night Under the Stars Chapter 2

Night Under the Stars Chapter 2


The next morning.....

She woke up brushed her hair and looked out the window to see Luke standing there with a notepad and a pen in his right hand. Lilly grabs her notepad and her pencil and looks at what he was writing. On the notepad, he asked her if he could walk her to school. She wrote yes and she closed her curtains and got ready. as she sprints down the stairs she falls down seven steps, she hit her head on the banister and she didn't cry, Cassie came in and helped her up.

"Thanks, mom," Lilly said looking into Cassie's eyes.

"Your welcome, did you crack your head?" Cassie asked.

Lilly rubs her head when she stops rubbing she sees blood on her hand so she fainted. Cassie caught her and carried her to the couch. Cassie grabbed the home phone and called for an ambulance as soon as they can. About fifteen minutes later the ambulance is at the house as the sirens are still going off, Luke looked out his window to see what was happening. The ambulance guys took out the rolly bed and laid her on it, pushing her and the bed outside and they lifted her into the back of the truck. Luke ran outside and asked Cassie what was going on. Cassie told him what happened and he went with Cassie to the hospital. They all got in the truck and rushed to the E.R. When they got there they rushed her to a hospital bed and took her to get x-rays and see if she cracked her head bad. Cassie and Luke had been waiting in the E.R. for about an hour and a half then the doctors called for Cassie so they could tell her what's going on. Here is what the doctor said,

"Miss Cassie, your daughter had not broken anything but she does have a big gash on her head, at the moment we are going to put stitches on the wound if that does not heal it then she has to get staples. She has a concussion and she will not be able to go to school for at least two days. These two days she needs to rest and eat soft foods. if you want you can go back and see her."

"Thank you!" Cassie said.

The doctor walked off and Cassie sat with Luke to tell him what happened, in the middle of them talking the doctor came up to them and handed Cassie pills that Lilly will need to take for two weeks, two a day. When the doctor walked away and Cassie finished the explanation Luke had tears in his eyes and they headed back to see her. The doctor that was in there taking care of her told them she has not woke up yet. The doctor left the room and Cassie held Lilly's hand and talked to her Luke was holding the other hand laying his head on her stomach. After another forty-five minutes, Lilly woke up and she tightened her grip with her hands holding Luke and Cassie's hand tightly. Her eyes are barely open and Luke lifts his head slowly smiling at her. Lilly was trying to speak and eventually she was able to speak right here is what she said,

"I guess we can't have that walk to school huh, Luke got a bigger smile and laughed a little quietly. Lilly and Cassie smiled at Luke, Then Lilly talked to her mother:

"Mom I'm sorry I'm so clumsy."

Cassie smiled "it's okay Lilly."

"Mom I love you!"

"I love you to Lilly"

After a few minutes they take Lilly home and lay her on the couch, Cassie told her to stay on the couch until she gets back home. Cassie took Luke to school and handed him the doctor note for Lilly and he took it to the office, Cassie arrives back at home taking care of Lilly. Luke walks into the office giving them the papers and he walks out. This is what Luke was thinking about in his mind,

"I think I am falling for Lilly, but she is my best friend. But I think I love her and I am really trying to not cry about her right now, but it is really hard not to."

Luke runs to the bathroom and balls his eyes out.

Lilly was thinking about Luke and here is what she was thinking:

"I wonder if Luke is okay, I think I am falling in love with him. But I can't we are best friends and nothing more. I just hope he isn't crying over me. My head really hurts, I feel bad that he has to go to school alone."

After Luke is done crying he washes his face and heads to class. After school Luke heads to Lilly's house to check on her. He knocks on the door and Cassie opens it She asks him to stay home with her until Cassie gets home later tonight. She has to go to work. Cassie leaves and Luke asks if Lilly is hungry and she said yes and she told him she wants applesauce so he heads to the kitchen and looks for applesauce. Lilly starts thinking about him again and here is what she was thinking,

"Wow, when we are older he will be a great husband."

He comes back with her applesauce and sits next to her on the couch. He looks over at the bookshelf they have in the living room and he gets up, walks over to the bookshelf and grabs a book to read to her. It just so happened to be the book she has had ever since she was a baby. He sits back down and lays his back on the cushion behind him and as he starts reading Lilly leans over and lays her head on his shoulder while eating the applesauce. Eventually, she falls asleep and he takes the applesauce and places it on the table. he grabs the blanket from the other side of the couch and raps it around them keeping them warm and he falls asleep with her. Cassie arrives home and hollers for them when she got no response she looked and she noticed they were in the living room sleeping. She smiled and took a few pictures of them together. Cassie then said,

"I think I'll make a wall with these two on it only. I better get to making these frames to hang on the wall."'

A while later Cassie wakes him up and sends him home.

Author Notes: Thank you for reading my stories! Be sure to read my next chapter!

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29 Aug, 2018
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