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Night Under the Stars Chapter 3
Night Under the Stars Chapter 3

Night Under the Stars Chapter 3


Luke walks home and lays in his bed and falls asleep. The next morning Lilly had woke up really early and got ready for the day. She walked next door to Luke's house and picked up little pebbles to throw at his window. She threw a little more than fifteen of them to finally wake him up. Luke looked out the window and had seen her waiting on him, he got dressed grabbed something to eat on the way out, he had stuffed his toothpaste and toothbrush in his bag for after he got done eating. he ate a chocolate pop tart for breakfast as they were walking to school. When they arrived at school Luke went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and Lilly waited outside the bathroom on Luke.

After Luke was done they walked a few times around the inside of the school and when the bell finally rang they split up and went to their classes. When it became lunch time they went and got their food Lilly noticed that Luke was mad, she had tried to ask what was wrong but he would just ignore her and turn away. A girl named Tiffany liked Luke so one day she got the idea of telling the girls to follow her lead so that Luke takes his attention off of Lilly, so they went around saying that Lilly was talking really bad about Luke. They would spread stuff like "Lilly said that Luke had punched her" or "Lilly said that Luke smelt really bad and looks really funny" So then Tiffany had shared the so-called rumors to him.

When Lilly asked him if he was okay for the third time he just walked out of the line and sat at Tiffany's table. Tiffany turned around to face Lilly and Tiffany winked at her and giggled. Lilly then knew that Tiffany did something, Lilly stormed out of the lunchroom looking very mad. Lilly made it to the bathroom and started to ball her eyes out. When lunch was over Tiffany and Luke walked out of the lunchroom laughing and giggling, Luke heard a cry in the bathroom that sounded like Lilly he told Tiffany he will catch up with her. He sits outside the girl's bathroom and listens to her cry. He eventually felt bad for her and was upset, he had tears in his eyes. Lilly walks out of the bathroom, her face swollen from crying, beat red eyes, runny nose. She turned the corner seeing him and she looked over to the other wall so he wouldn't notice.

Luke noticed and grabbed her arm, stopping her. She realized he had tears in his eyes too.

"What do you want? Do you just want to make me even more upset? because if so do it now so I can get it over with." Lilly had commented.

"No...No. I just came to ask if all the things you said was true" Luke had said.

"I don't know what Tiffany had told you I said but I can tell you I have never said anything bad about you, she is trying to split us up so she can take you away from me," Lilly said.

"Well no matter what was to happen I will always only like you, you are one of the greatest friend's and I knew that you would never say anything like that," Luke said.

"You left me to sit alone, I was so empty. Tiffany smirked at me when you went to sit down at her table. That is when I left." Lilly said.

"Lilly I am so sorry, I am really sorry." Luke had said with tears filling his eyes.

Lilly told him she forgives him and they walked together to their classes. when the school day was over Lilly waited for Luke to walk out of the classroom, She waited for everyone to leave the class and she did not see him anywhere in there. She went to her locker and noticed Tiffany was with him. Lilly got so jealous and walked off keeping her head down. Luke spotted Lilly walking away, he chased her down the hall. He tries talking to her but she would not look up or reply with anything she did not make a sound. Luke grabbed her by both wrists stopping her, he places his hand in her hair on the back of her head and made sure she was looking at him. He told her Tiffany dragged him out of the classroom and tried to flirt with him. Luke told Lilly many times that he pushed her away from him. Lilly once more forgave him and they smiled at each other, he let her wrist go and put his arms down by his side. They walked home and they went to Luke's house to do a project for history.

Author Notes: Read the next chapter!

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19 Sep, 2018
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