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Night Under the Stars Chapter 4
Night Under the Stars Chapter 4

Night Under the Stars Chapter 4


After 15 minutes of walking, they made it back to the house. Luke opened the door for Lilly and had given her a tour of the house first, then they got a snack and sat down at the kitchen table with the supplies for the project, they had started working on it and five minutes later Luke's dad arrives home and his dad walked into the kitchen to see them working on a project.

"What are you guys working on?" Luke's dad had asked.

"Just a history project, I hope it's fine that Lilly is okay to be here." Luke had replied to his dad.

"Yeah it is fine, just stay downstairs." Luke's dad said to him.

"We will don't worry," Luke said.

His dad had left again, they had kept working on the project. After an hour and forty-five minutes they were finished on the project, they just really hope that it works out okay. When they finished they saw that Casie was home so they went over next door to Lilly's house.

"Hey mom," Lilly said.

"Hello Cassie," Luke said.

"Hello children, how was your day you guys?" Casie said.

"It was okay I guess, could have gone better," Lily said.

"Yeah it could have gone better," Luke said right after her.

"Should I ask about it?" Casie had replied to them.

"No not really, but I will share a little. I was crying because a girl told Luke I said rude things about him and he believed her and I cried and we made up. Were cool with each other again." Lilly had told her mother.

"Okay, well enjoy kids. I have to go work on this thing for my boss and I won't make it home until later tonight. So you can stay here or go home with Luke until I get home just be safe and enjoy yourselves. But don't enjoy yourselves too much or I will have to ban him from coming over and you from seeing him at all, we would probably move. Enjoy! I'll be back soon!." Casie told them.

Author Notes: Enjoy! Be ready for the next story soon!

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5 Oct, 2018
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