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Night Under the Stars
Night Under the Stars

Night Under the Stars

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Thursday, August 16th, 2018

In a small town, there is a girl that lives with her mom. She is 17 and her dad had died when she was 5. The house next to her has not been sold for 2 years, one day that changed. A family of three had bought the house and moved on Wednesday. Lilly has not seen the guy yet, but their windows are right in front of each other. The family of three had walked to her doorstep and they knocked, Lilly answered the door and her mom Casie came up behind her to see who it was. They had welcomed them into the house and asked if they wanted a cup of tea, the boy had come in from behind his six foot five dad. But the boy looked like he was five foot six, Lilly was only five foot. When Lilly saw him she could not take her eyes off of him, The family had brought them some cupcakes. They all sat in the living room and while Casie was getting the tea Lilly was sitting with the family in the living room just looking at them. Casie finally came in with the tea and the mother had given them the cupcakes and Casie said thank you. Lilly just kept staring. Casie had talked to them and Lilly started to feel better around them so she had said a few things and the boy had asked for Lilly and Casie's name and they had told the family, and the mother of the family is Lucy, the father is Lucifer, and the boy is Luke. Then Casie said that Lilly and Luke should go to the kitchen and talk to each other while the parents talked. So they both went to the kitchen and just sat there and stared at each other. Luke had brown flippy hair, light freckles, and sky blue eyes. Lilly has brown long hair, no freckles, and ocean blue eyes. They both then were going to say something, they were saying it at the same time so then they both offered each other to say what they want first. So then Luke went first because Lilly was being stubborn. And he had told her she is very pretty. She looked at him and said thank you, she asked him if he wanted to walk with her to the store later. He accepted and after an hour of them talking Lilly and Luke went to find their parents and ask to head to the store. So the parents all said yes and they were off.

"Lilly, You are an amazing neighbor. And I can't wait to get to know you more."

"You too Luke."

They then arrived at the store and got what Cassie needed but they were in the store for one hour and thirty minutes because they would mess around with the kid toys and foam swords and knives, and fake fight with the foam pieces. After they were done they walked back and then when they had opened the door they found the parents standing there upset, Lilly looks at Cassie in a confused way.

"What is the matter mother," Lilly said.

"Why did it take so long to get back?" Cassie said.

"Because mom we were messing around with the toys in the store," Lilly said.

"Okay well it just scared me," Cassie said.

"We are okay mom," Lilly said.

"I know dear," Cassie said.

The family went back to their house and Luke went to his room and looked through the window of his room and waited for Lilly to come into her room. He didn't wanna stop talking to her, he found out he likes her but he doesn't know if she feels the same way. Then she goes into her room, but he notices she was crying. He stood up and banged on his window to get her attention. She looked up at him through the window and she walked to the window closing the curtains. She then went back and sat on her bed. He looked down at the floor while walking back to his bed. He layed down and store at his ceiling. She had laid down on her bed flipped over on her side crying. She was crying because she made her mom upset she never likes hurting anyone. Especially not her mother because that is the only person she has. When Cassie fell asleep Lilly went downstairs and got food. She got caught and she was just told to put it back and go back upstairs. She went upstairs and sat on her bed. She looked at the window to notice a big light shining through hers, she moves the curtains a bit to notice Luke is awake. He looked through his window to find her staring at him without a shirt on. She ducks down as fast as she could hoping he didn't notice her. She loved the eight pack she saw on him. He banged on his window hoping to get her to come back, he put a shirt back on and she went back to the window and he had a pad of paper, so she went and grabbed one too. He wrote:

"Hey, I saw you staring."

She wrote: "No, I was not staring."'

He wrote: "Okay."

She then had a smirk on her face and he had written, "I see that smirk on your face." After he wrote that she stopped the smirk, rubbed her eyes and waved bye. She then went to sleep and soon after that, he fell asleep.

To find out what happens next, read the next chapter.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed this part of the story!!!

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16 Aug, 2018
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