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Nightamare Motel
Nightamare Motel

Nightamare Motel


Have you ever met one of those motel owners that great you as you never left. So this one will always try to rid of you and make you come back with nonesense. OKAY!?

Look out the window someone is there, to go ask was sure a dangerous act. Since no one else will be by. But a couple who lost their things, yeah sure "can never guess what others want." Make it back to the room and "no, that room is yours over there, " while he walked me to the room I showed him. "Your in a bit of trouble" *that's no fair, I have nothing to do with being here*

While I say that in the lobby someone just the same as this time (hey, when is that room free) 'don't know' For all I could guess I was the only one sitting there, by I am not the one spoken to. To others say the room has never been cleaned? No it has not, no one has either come out of there and seen leave. All the other rooms are alike.

I never seen anything or am I dreaming nightmares and sleepwalking I swear I did fall off the tall building and hit the ground and never woke up. But this is really real the guy I just met said he gets the same room everytime. *that is really neat* "yeah the guy is so lenient you should try to get the room" *I will no doubt* the guy was a form of mystery no one can guess who I was talking to. So the owner would know. How do I spell storm. I never to hear of the town again. But the guy was not alone the next time. Sure wished I knew how to explain. No one saw anything so the next the boss would never need to talk to me sure meeting me hear on tire me apart because that is the only form of living to have, short stays and long nights come and go as necessary.But keep an eye out.

Author Notes: Nightmare motel is one of event of my life because to know what your doing you have to make physical awareness from them on goodnight

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25 Oct, 2018
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1 min
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