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"Why am I here?" She asked, wide eyes staring at me, waiting in anticipation.

I thought it a strange question for such a young child to ask, and she didn't seem bothered that I was taking so long to respond, she stood patiently and batted her long eyelashes at me as though to help push my thought process along. I had only met this young girl moments before and yet she spoke to me like we'd known each other our whole lives.

"Well?" She continued, her face came closer, edging me on to tell her what I didn't know.

"You mean why are you in the park?" I asked, trying to grasp onto something I could understand, something more reasonable.

She shook her head no "No silly, you know what I mean."

My eyebrows scrunched in involuntarily and I tried to lean back but for every inch I attempted to distace myself, the more she'd push forward. She was like this small inescapable reality that I was unable to pry from my body. Again she tilted her head waiting for my answer.

"Why you exist?" I questioned,

She seemed puzzled, "Why we all exist." she explained.

I swallowed nervously, why is a five year old asking me this? And why has she become so persistant? I shrugged, hoping she would accept it, but she didn't flinch, just kept staring at me with those big eyes on her small face. "I don't know." I finally said, trying with all my might to flee this strange situation.

"You know why." She prompted.

"For each other?" I guessed, she leaned back.

"Yes, for each other."

With that I awoke in my bed, covered in a thick layer of sweat and gasping for air. The hell kind of a nightmare was that?

Author Notes: This is a little different than most of my stories but oh well :P

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25 Jun, 2019
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