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Dreamare Ch1

Dreamare Ch1

By resie

As the two men walk down hallway they heard the rumors about the suppose it girl who could make your dreams come true. As they talk about their dreams of money, women, and fame they forgot one thing. This girl did make your dreams come true, but it wasn't a dream that came true.

They came to the room where she was being held. Richard took out his keys and jiggle through them on the key ring to the key that opens the door they were going into. As the security guards came into the room they saw a giant glass with darkness being held with in it. The room was darker than a cave and had the same feel of it. "A Richard you know what, I'm having second thoughts about this buddy. Matt said with his  heart jogging into his chest. "Matt, aren't you tired of this job? I know I  am and if the rumors are true about this girl we can quit this job and go to islands mon." Richard said in Jamaican accent

. "Yea, I know. But aren't their reasons she's being held on level 7 security section. I mean level 7, I didn't even know we had level 7 security section." Matt said second guessing himself. "Awe come on dude, why you chicken out all of sudden? We made it this far might as well finish the good fight." Richard said. There was a steel door where giant glass was at and the door had a passcode lock to it. Richard had heard one the scientist slip up and say the passcode in front of him while in the breakroom during lunch. He went over to the door and tried entering the passcode in. He fail at it a couple times. "Got dam you. What is it? Argh?!" Richard said kicking the door with his worn out work boots.

"Oh well, I gue..." "That's it!" Richard yelled interrupted Matt. Richard input the passcode again and got it right. You hear the locks unlocking which sounded like way to many locks to hold a little girl for. The two men came together at the front of the door. Both struggle to look through the darkness of the room. Matt took his flashlight out and cut through the darkness with it. "Umm, where's the light switch? "How do I suppose to know Matt." Richard replied looking for a light switch. Both the men enter into midnight color room with their flashlights cutting through the darkness of it. "Oh, here it is." Matt said turing on the lights. The lights flicker on one light bulb followed by the next.

The men look towards the back of the room and saw a little girl sitting in corner with a straight jacket on with a blindfold around her eyes. The little girl had long black hair that came down to her backside and she had cuts and scars all over her bare feet. Was she some kind of test subject the two men thought to themselves. She had a blank look expression on her face as if she was a dead body in a coffin waiting to get buried. The two men look at each other in disbelief thinking to themselves, who would do this to a innocent little girl. The two men rush over to little girl. The small room had nothing in it, not even a bathroom. Only a little girl in there with her friend loneliness.

"We're getting you out here, this is no way to treat a kid. What?! What is this? Ear plugs in her ears. Why those scientist do this to her" Richard said shaking his head to Matt. "Richard are you nuts? Do you how much trouble we can get in for doing this?" Matt said throwing his arms out in disbelief.

"I don't care,  just help me get her out here." Richard said trying to get the straight jacket off the little girl fragile body.

The little girl had three locks on her body one around her legs, around her arms, and a lock on back of her blindfold.

"Dam it, Matt go back and get my keys. I saw the doctors use a key to unlock these locks on her, so I stole it when they put it away when I was sneking around up here. Richard said to Matt while struggle with locks. Look man I'm getting you your keys and I'm getting out here, it's not worth. Matt said jogging towards the previous room.

Matt enter the previous they were in room searching for Richard keys, but didn't see them no where. "Where could they be?" Matt thought to himself

. Matt continue to look for the keys which took about five minutes till he found them in the door knob that open the room he was in. "Just like you Richard." Matt thought to himself again. "Matt, come on! What are you doing you snail?!" Richard ask as his voice bounce off the walls of the room he was in. "Yea, I'm coming." Matt replied back to Richard. Matt went back into the room and handed Richard the keys. Richard shuffle throught the keys till her found the key for the little girl locks. He unlock her legs first, then the straight jacket ,and took the ears plugs from out her ears. "Hey, sweetheart can you hear me? We're getting you out here, ok." Richard said to the little girl in a quite voice.

Slam! Both men jump and turned around to see the door slam shut. "What the fuck just happen? No, this can't be happening to us Richard." Matt said in crackling voice. They both turned to see the little girl still in the corner with the blindfold around her eyes. "Could she... I don't think so, maybe she could have done this?" Matt said abruptly while looking at Richard. "Look at how big and heavy that door is? It could have just sla..." Before Richard could finish he felt a cold winter grip on his wrist. He look and saw the little girl grabbing his wrist. He started to see his own breath, then he started to get cold, next he started shaking. "Hey, Richard are you ok?" Matt said touching Richard.

"Argh, what the hell? He's freezing. How could this be?" Matt said backing away from Richard frozen body. Matt finally look and saw the little girl grasping Richard wrist. Matt rush over to the little girl to pull her away from Richard. Matt not seeing her let go burst through Richard body like a glass window. Matt slowly turned around to see Richard body all over place like broken shards of glass. Matt eyes filled with fear at the sight of friend body all over the floor. He slowly look towards the door. He gets up and rushes to the steel door with lighting speed not thinking twice of turning around to see his his broken up friend in pieces of glass.

He begins pushing random numbers on the security lock. He turns around and see the little crawling towards him through the broken glass of his friend. Still pressing numbers he knows his life depends on four numbers. The little girl barley inches away from him continue to crawl. Matt gives up falls back first up against the steel heavy door knowing his life is over. The little girl grab his left ankle first, then the right ankle. She pushes herself up with her hands with her feet under her butt while on her knees caps. The little girl gives Matt a sinister looking grin. After Matt saw that he know's he done for. He closes eyes and wait for death little hands to kill him. "Daddy?" The little girl said with faint quite voice.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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4 Sep, 2014
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6 mins
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