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Dreamare Ch2

Dreamare Ch2

By resie

Matt look in fear as the fragile little girl calls him daddy while grasping his ankles in place so he can't move. Matt is in disbelief at the strength of the little girl who's body the size of twig on a tree degrading tree. Matt tried to squirm his legs from out of the little girl grip but it's no use. Matt look at her and he try's to figure out how she knew where he was at with the blindfold on her eyes. Is her hearing that good where she could had heard when he fell up against the steel door. Was her sense of smell better than Matt's sense he drowned his skin and clothes Tommy Hilfiger cologne.  

"Daddy?" The little girl repeats once again to Matt. 

Matt reaches up and jiggles the steel doorknob still trying to escape death little hands. She lets go of Matt legs and tugs at the blindfold still covering her eyes. Matt slowly lowers his hand from the steel door knob and reaches out for her blindfold. His hand gets close to her blindfold but hears the emergency alarms in facility go off frightening him to stop midway. He stands up and jog towards the reinforce glass window.

"Help! I'm in here! Get me out of here!" Matt yells as he smacks on the sound proof glass.

The little girl still in the same position from when she grab Matt crawls towards the steel door. She stands up and give the doorknob a good tug and it breaks off with ease. Matt hearing the sound of the doorknob breaking off catch's his attention as he see the little girl standing with it in her hand. She falls back and catch's herself with her butt after a few seconds. A confused Matt stares at the little girl and then at the door for his freedom.

"What are you?" Matt asks in a low voice as his fear slowly goes down. 

"Put me on your back so we can escape from here, Daddy." The little girl tells Matt. "If you don't, I'll find you through your nightmare and I'll kill you." The little girl says as she look through the hole in the door where the doorknob was at.

Matt stares at the little girl for a minute and thinks about what she says. Find him through his nightmare. How is that evening possible he thought to himself. He turns and see's his dead friend Richard body broken up into shards of glass on the floor. Did he have a say so in this matter after seeing something like that. And how she simply broke the doorknob off like a little kid playing with a toy. And the strength she had to hold down a full size grown man.

"Ok, but please don't hurt me. I'll help you out." Matt says as he walk towards the little girl. "But what are you going do after you get out of here?" Matt asks as he stands in front of her and kneel down with his back towards her. She lifts her arms up and latches onto Matt back like a baby monkey. Matt stands up and has her legs over his arms. "Make your dreams come true." She replies as he stands up.

Matt looks at the steel door, then at his dead friend, and exits the room by slightly grabbing at the inside of the doorknob hole and gently creeps it opens. The alarm system is going off. Flashing red and yellow lights illuminate through the outside of the exit and into the room Matt and the little girl exits.

She clutches at Matt shoulders making sure to hold on. Was it out of fear, or was it so Matt couldn't toss her from his back and escape alone. Matt didn't dare try to toss her off so it was fear coming from the little girl. Maybe her 1st time outside of that test room Matt thought.

"Ok, we're going to leave, but we have to take the elevator down so I can get to my locker. I need to get my car keys so we can escape." Matt consoles with the little girl. She just nods her head. Matt heads down the same hallway him and Richard walk through just moments ago. It'll be his last trip down that hallway as the little grasp at his shoulders in fear also. 

Matt heads toward the elevator at the end of the hallway. He hear voices to the left of him around the corner from him. It's the building special unit team used for situations just like the one Matt is in now.

"I want those two fucking security guards found right now! They have no business on this level. They'll be dead without saying a word if they go near subject 7. Yes sir!" An security officer tell his team as they go towards the opposite direction and he walks toward Matt and the little girl. 

Matt peaks around the corner thinking of make a run for it. "Shit." Matt says in a low voice as he see the special unit officer pull his gun out making his way towards him and Subject 7. Matt can't turn back now when he's already this deep into a dangerous situation. He kneels down so he can put the little girl down so he can attempt to take on an officer with an gun and his finger on the trigger ready for anything to pounce at him. She doesn't let go as he stands back up. She stuck on his skin like a scar that won't heal. He tries to shake her off twice but fail both times. Matt can hear the officer footsteps closing in on them. Matt presses up against the wall extra hard this time waiting for the security guard to reveal his gun from around the corner of the wall. He figure the little girl a be ok since she pull a doorknob off a door.

"I'll take care of this nightmare for you."  The little girl whispers to Matt. "Huh?' A confused Matt says. The security officer bends the corner and see a confused Matt with Subject 7 tied to his back.

"Freeze put subj..." Before he could finish the little girl puts her hand over his mouth and spin his head three hundred and sixty degrees south from the front part of his torso to the back. Matt doesn't move from seeing the sight of the back of the officer's head. No blood or a cracking sound was evening made from the spinning of his neck. The little girls shrugs at Matt to keep going towards the elevator. He finally gathers up the courage to move forward as he walks past the the officer body still in a standing posture like a statue. They reach the elevator and Matt presses the bottom for the garage.  He gives one more turn back and still see's the statue of the officer body still in a statue like position. Matt press the buttton for the garage. The elevator doors close halfway and then close completely.

"Why did you do that to him? He maybe had a family back home." Matt ask the abnormal little girl. "I didn't see none." She replied back as the elevator beeps at  level 4. "You just cant' kill people like that. Not to mention you froze my friend of 7 years back there also. They didn't deserve that." Matt says as the elevator beeps at level 3. "People die cause they won't forget." She said tugging at her blindfold

 It's silence in the elevator except for the beeping from the elevator going down to level 2. Matt looks up at the numbers over top of the elevator doors and wait for the GA symbol to light up for garage. He loses himself for a minute or so trying to make sense of everything that happen tonight.

"Remember, don't remember daddy." The little girl says. "Huh?" Matt says as he turns around to see the little girl with her blindfold off as their floor number beep.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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5 Sep, 2014
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6 mins
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