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Dreamare ch3

Dreamare ch3

By resie

The elevator makes a loud beeping noise signaling it was at the garage parking lot. The elevator doors glide open midway and then open  completely. The little grabs at Matt shirt hinting him to kneel down for her. He's caught daydreaming at the little girl eyes. He hardly notice her tug at his security uniform shirt. The iris of her eyes is painted with a dark sandy color and her eyes are a golden hazel color that shines when a car headlights passes by the elevator. The spell that little girl cat like eyes cast on Matt wares off and he kneels down to pick her up once again.

"Alright, climb aboard." Matt said sounding like a Captain. The little climbs up Matt body once again but this time she doesn't digs her fingers into his shoulder blades. Does she trust him enough this time to not just toss her off of him or did he not want to end up like her other victims he thought to himself once again.  He jogs to the security booth not to far away from the elevator dashing in between empty park cars. Luckily it's late at night or this wouldn't had been possible during the day. He probably would had to stop the person if he saw the same thing happening right now. Him and Richard didn't even have guns at their booth. Only tazers and stun guns in case of an emergencys like the one now. He reaches the security booth and jiggles with the door handle. It's lock, the keys are with Richard. He begin to panic a little and didn't want to have go back up again. He looks through the glass on the door.

"Shit, my locker is right their got dam it." He says pounding his fist on the glass. The little girl punches her fist through the glass breaking enough so Matt can stick his hand through it to unlock it from the inside. The glass crashes to the floor making a loud sound. Matt take's a look around the garage to see if anyone heard or saw anything from the sound of the glass. Nothing. He sticks his hand through the empty space where the glass use to be. He unlocks and pushes the door open. 

'I'm going to be a second I need to open my locker." Matt told the little girl as sat her in Richard chair facing the garage security cameras. It's a number combination lock but for some reason Matt has a hard time remembering his locker combination. After everything he saw tonight how could he. He twists and turns the lock but each tug gives him no entry into his locker.

"Hey, can you help me out here? After everything I seen you do tonight it's possible for you to open my locker, right?" Matt ask the little girl who's eyes are focus on the security cameras. She never answers him. He goes back to twisting and turning the lock. He finally unlocks it but hears the elevator make a beep noise to signal it's at the garage. He grabs his keys, wallet, and jacket and throw the little girl on his back like a bookbag and rushes out the office. He doesn't want to see nobody else die tonight. He ducks off behind a car and peaks through back car window to see who comes out of the elevator. 

"That's strange I thought I heard the beep for reaching the garage. So why are the doors just closing then?" Matt said aloud to himself. He stands up and looks around for his old beat up green Honda that his dad gave to him four years back since his Ford truck went up on him. He got tired of looking so he beeps his alarm to find it.

"Ah, there you are. Matt said as he spot his beacon of escape. Matt jogs to his car and walks around to the passenger side to put the little girl in first. He opens the door and slowly lays her on the seat.

"What? You fell asleep on my back?" Matt says as he saw the little girl body adjusts to get comfortable. He secures the seat belt around her body and waist than click into the buckle. He shut the door gentle making sure not to wake her up. He walks around to the driver side and opens the door. He sits back in the seat palming his head trying to relax for a minute trying and to make sense of everything that happen tonight. Seeing his friend being killed by the person who just saved his life. Was his dreams worth all of that death. He looks at the little girl. Her little body perfectly snuggle right into his passengers seat of his car. Matt straightens his body out and put his key into the ignition of his. He turn his headlights on and pulls out of his parking space and drives out of the garage into the midnight darkness.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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6 Sep, 2014
Read Time
4 mins
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