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One night, a force of workers entered a jungle clearing, where within there was a fortress-like enclosure.

Immediately, the workers positioned themselves and faced the trees near the front of the enclosure. Among those closest to the enclosure, was Robert Muldoon.

Everything was silent at first, but then, there came a rustling sound. The sound grew louder and louder, until there came a point when the trees began to thrash wildly.

Something big was coming.

Then it appeared – a vehicle transporting a huge cage.

Voices sounded as the cage was carried over to the enclosure. As it was lowered, all the other workers approached the enclosure.

From within the cage, there sounded animal noises. Whatever was in there, had a curious eye fixed on the workers.

At that moment the animal wanted to get out, eat one of them and murder all the rest, before heading off into the jungle.

When the cage was on the ground, Muldoon took control.

On his command, a group of workers moved in towards the cage, ready to move it towards the opening.

Suddenly, there emitted from within the cage, a fiendish, unearthly shriek, like something from Greek mythology.

The workers jumped back in horror.

Whatever was inside, certainly did not sound friendly.

Muldoon ordered the panic-stricken workers to return to their positions and move the cage to the opening, which they did.

Once that job was done, the workers moved away in sheer relief and the gatekeeper came into action.

As the gatekeeper climbed into position, the creature eyed him curiously and growled.

When commanded, the gatekeeper began to lift the gate. As he did so, some dark form with a mouth full of ferocious teeth, lurched forwards, emitting a wild, horrendous sound.

Then there came a heavy thud and before he knew it, the gatekeeper was tumbling off the cage. He hit the ground with tremendous force as the cage rolled back.

At that point, the entire workforce, including the gatekeeper, expected the creature to exit the cage and wreak havoc, but they were very wrong indeed.

Instead of coming out of the cage, to murder the work force, the animal went for the closest thing to it – the gatekeeper. One quick snatch and it yanked him screaming inside the cage.

No one had expected that – not even the gatekeeper.

Muldoon immediately seized the gatekeeper, giving orders to the other workers at the same time.

Everyone exploded into action.

Muldoon managed to pull the gatekeeper part of the way outside the cage, but it was no good.

The animal gave a hideous shriek, yanked the gatekeeper backwards again, like a powerful ocean current and dragged him up the side of the cage.

A cunning and deliberate move – to make it exceedingly difficult for Muldoon to free the gatekeeper.

Now the gatekeeper was in a far worse position – one leg in the animal’s clutches, the other dangling off the ground and his arms struggling to get a firm grip on the vibrating cage.

Muldoon got to his feet and tried again to free the gatekeeper, but still without success. The animal’s grip was like steel.

Whatever was inside that cage meant business.

Another ferocious shriek sounded from the animal, which was moving from side to side like a dog against the walls of the cage – trying desperately to pull the gatekeeper inside.

More than once, Muldoon saw the creature staring at him through a hole in the gate.

The vehicle driver, who looked on at the calamity, was extremely terrified.

Eventually, Muldoon, who was still giving out orders, managed to prize the gatekeeper from the side of the cage, but not from the animal’s grip. He fell backwards against the enclosure.

Now it was like a tug of war against a very savage dog.

Unfortunately, Muldoon’s strength was fading. He knew the game was up.

The other workers, who had fought with everything they had against the animal knew it too, but worst of all the gatekeeper knew it.

Even as Muldoon ordered the other workers to fire at the animal, the gatekeeper was yanked from his grasp.

Game over.

After that it was all claws, teeth, hideous animal sounds and agonizing human screams as the gatekeeper was brutally eaten alive.

The opening scene to Jurassic Park would make a classic who done it murder mystery.

Author Notes: I might write one or more pieces based on Star Wars at some point.

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23 Feb, 2022
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3 mins
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