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By Ghostface_killers999

Once there lived three teenagers Jack, John and Jordan who's parent got killed in a plane crash that killed everyone except for 2 moms which all of there sons and daughters died and us not knowing what to do. Not knowing how to make it out of this situation but we did. Before my mom died from a knife to the heart she said go to camp crystal lake it's free and they will take good care of u but they didn't know that the serial killer Jason Voorhees who terrorized campers 1 year ago is back from the deaddead, and better then ever since the Genetically modified suit and mask and balls back from hell are ghostface and Tyler Vernon who had died there in the year 2001 is now is a demon serial killer working for Jason Voorhees. 3 days after the crash they had arrived at camp crystal lake and didn t know what to do. It was midnight so they had to be careful over ghostface who lurks in the shadows and strikes at any moment . Suddenly there was a frightening yell and moments later the body of a counselor was thrown into there view as they got closer they realized the man was decapitated and missing an arm the the sound of rustling through the bushes could be heard and the n a chainsaw was turned on then out of nowhere Jack got hit by a dart and fell to the floor as a terrifying 7 feet tall man with a mask made out of human skin started running at us chainsaw running as we looked back he was cutting Jack in half they ran and ran till the same a building that was safe finally after 5 minutes of running away they found a very freaky building that said on the side 1...2 I'm coming for u 3... 4 better run some moremore. Jordan looked away for a split second and when he looked where it first was it was gon e moments later John Boehner has been stabbed in the chest with a machete and he falls down as he fell i saw the red eyed demon serial killer working for Jason he started running again a s he got shot in the chest with a ak-47 and fell down to his knees he was crawling out of the gate because the killers can't pass there he made it but died moments later before help could arrive

Author Notes: Thx for reading this

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4 Nov, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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