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By Ghostface_killers999

There once lived a group of teenagers named Jack, Kenny and Tyler. They both knew that there worst nightmares weren't true.they thought it's impossible for a serial killer with the power of invincibility and regeneration of body parts. But Jack loves exploration of places so he took Kenny and Tyler to the middle of a burned down camp known as camp crystal lake where a serial killer went on a rampage getting revenge for the death of his mother but.Jack didnt care or believe it. "The best part is we're going at night!!" Jack once mentioned. So they waited till 11:00 to head in. Jack lead while kenny and Tyler slowly moving behind him. Suddenly there was a bone chilling scream as soon as they walked through the gates. And then a 23 year old man was thrown right in front of them. They slowly creeped over to the body and when they got close enough, realised he was decapitated and missing an arm. Suddenly there was rustling in the bushes as a terrifying 7 feet tall man with a chainsaw and mask made out of human skin walked out of the bushes and Tyler screamed of fear as before he went unconscious Kenny and Jack left him behind as the chainsaw the man was holding got turned on after that there was a frightening yell as we ran and ran into a building that was the main office. Kenny then saw Jack get a machete through the chest as a result of no closing the door behind him and the shadow of a man with a machete and a horrible face that was burnt to a crisps then suddenly he disappeared into thin air Jack was now on his own in the fight for his life he had no choice but to sneak out of the gates whe re the killers can't pass but out of nowhere a boy was heard crying and Jack rushed to help him he was laying on an angle where Jack could not see his face but when he tried to aid him he saw a face nobody could imagine a cyber genetically modified with red eyes and a chilling scream Jack ran and ran not stopping for anything he was so close to the he thought he was gonna make it but a flying knife came out of nowhere and atrocious heart he fell to the floor trying to pass the gate where he knew he'd be safe so he crawled and made it but minutes later died in front of the paramedics and his mom. Jack lead the way through but not out

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About This Story
4 Nov, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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