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By Tiffany - 1 Review

It’s always the same… It begins with my father. He’s yelling at my mother about our financial troubles. Mainly our lack of money. As if it’s her fault. But it’s not. If he would get a job, or stop drinking all the damn time, we might have more. But mother knows better than to say that. We both do. He continues screaming.

I'm curled into a ball on my bed, knowing that at any second he will start up those stairs and come to my room. And knowing I am powerless to stop him, and too weak to defend myself against his blows. Or what happens afterwards.

As if on cue, footsteps begin at the bottom of the stairs. My hands start to shake. My breathing quickens. My eyes fill with tears, knowing i’m about to get hurt. My bedroom door flings open into the wall.

A small squeak escapes me.

His silhouette blocks out the hall light and the top of his shadow covers my toes. He slowly slides his belt free from his pants, relishing the fear I am showing. I whimper when it’s finally free.

Suddenly white-hot rage pours into my body and my trembling stops. My fingers start to tingle. My father saunters towards me, a prideful stride. Threatening to do harm. Yet I still don't fear him. If anything, I fear FOR him.

“No! Stop! Please!” my little brother stands in the doorway.

“Jessie! Go! I will be fine! I promise! Just go to your room and put your headphones on, alright?” I say. He looks between me and dad’s belt, torn between protecting me and doing as I say, knowing i'm trying to protect him. “Go, Jessie!” I urge. He goes back to his room. “Daddy? Why do you hurt me? What have I ever done to deserve it?” I ask, looking up at him with wide eyes. His ice cold blue eyes look down at me in contempt and disgust.

“You were born.” his belt flashes towards me. All of a sudden everything blanks. All I remember are brief flashes. Flames engulfing my father. My little brother screaming in raw agony. My mother’s smile as flames lick her body. And finally, darkness.

I wake up screaming bloody murder. Suddenly my door flies open. "Lillian! Are you alright!?!" Kylar shouts. I sob in response. He races to me and pulls me into his arms. "its alright. it was just a dream. just a bad dream. its over now. you're safe, i swear. he's never going to hurt you. he's gone. i'm here, my love. calm down" i tremble as i begin to calm down.

"s-sorry" i murmur. Kylar simply strokes my hair until the shaking subsides.

"dont be. i love you. always."

"i love you too. forever."

Author Notes: Just some fluff. I'm not good at fluff so if it sucks im sorry

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25 Apr, 2019
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