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Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 2

Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 2

By InnocentDemon

Just when I screamed in my dream my mother woke me up. "Claire,wake up its time to go to college.'' I didn't bother to tell her about the dream as she would have again denied it so I stood up and got ready for school.
I loved my school cuz it gave me a chance to show up my talent. I went near my locker and I looked down to see a picture lying underneath. I bent down to pick it up and looked at it and found a pair of blue eyes in it. I got shocked this were the eyes that I saw in my dreams but not just in my dreams but i've seen it somewhere in reality too. Just when I was lost in my thought Sam came from behind he was sharon's brother. "Claire, Sharon said she won't be coming to school today so she has sent you a magazine that you had asked take it.....gooday I have to leave.''
"Gooday and say thanks to her''. I replied and then he went back.

After school, I called Sharon to know why she didn't came to school. "Hello, is Sharon there?''
"No am Mrs. Carter and you?''
Her mother picked up the phone.
"Oh, Mrs.carter Claire here I wanted to know why did Sharon didn't come to school today?''
"Actually she's not well but she'll come tomorrow, nothing serious''
"Okay, tell her that I called.''
"fine I will, goodbye''.
And before I could say goodbye her mother was no more on the line.
So I reached home thinking about that,dream and then the photograph maybe it was a coincidence maybe not. So I slept hoping I won't see the nightmare again.
Those blue eyes were staring me again I got scared I ran , the place seemed to be a castle reached the door which had letter S incarved in a shape of a dragon on it. I reached the door and opened it but the dragon burnt my hand I was screaming with pain

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23 Oct, 2010

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