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Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 4

Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 4

By InnocentDemon

Next day I go to my school and see sharkn. She was looking beautiful as always with her long blonde hair and a blue dress matching the color of her eyes. She smiled at me and asked, ''so have you taken your time.''
"I guess I have but there's a lot to tell you so lets go and sit somewhere.'
We go and sit at the baseball court and I tell her everything about the nightmare I had last night.
"I guess the dreams have some message for you...a msg of pain sorrow tears...'' she begins to cry.
I get amazed then I console her and go back to my class.
At home after finishing my meal mom asks me to go and rest. I reach my bedroom and pick up the magz again and look at the pic. Then I search for the place it has been taken firm but I find no clue. Then I call Sharon. ''hello Sharon?''
"Yes Clarie, I've been waiting for your call.''
"But why I never told
You that I'll be calling.''
"Ya but I guessed so.''
"Well Sharon I wanted to talk to you but can't do it on phone.''
"You can come at my home cuz moms not here.''
"Alrite I'll be there ok goodbye.''
Then I wore my jeans and tee and went to sharon's place.
We were sitting in her living area after chatting for a while I came to the main point.
"Sharon I think we should find out from where the pic has been taken.''
"Yes you're right lets call the editor of the magzy.'
Then Sharon dialed the number and talked to the editor.
"We are sorry but there's no such picture in our records.''
"How can it be, see I've to get the detail anyhow.'' Sharon said angrily.
"See I cannot help you further but I can give you the address of my office you can come up here and help yourself.''

Sharon noted the address and then we went to the office.
There in the office the receptionist asked us to go to the record room. After waiting for a while a strong man came there startling both of us.
"Hello young ladies I am Mr. Smith the photographer of that picture.''
"Oh am glad to meet you actually we're here to ask for....''
He cuts me off and says, '' I know you're here for and where you want to go if only you'll come with me.''
I started to think when Sharon gladly said, ''of course we will.''
I said, ''No Sharon mom will never allow me.''
"C'mon leave that to me just pack your bags.''
I agreed but I know I was foolish. I was taking the biggest risk of my life which could either make my life a sweet dream or a nightmare.

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About This Story
24 Oct, 2010
Read Time
2 mins
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