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Nights in White Satin Part 2

Nights in White Satin Part 2

By Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

As the train slowed, I found myself suddenly filling with trepidation. What was he like? Would he remember me? The platform drifted into view just as the other had drifted out. I could not see him. There were more people. Dressed different to me. No. This was the summer I was going to change things. He was not amongst them. Unless he had changed a lot since our last meeting. How was I to get to the house?


As the train stopped I stood up gingerly and lifted the case from the other head rack which the young gentleman had so kindly done for me previously. He’d left the train now. Was Craig Ranger going to be like him? Gallant and dashing and the sort of normal person I so rarely find myself acquainted with. He was definitely not there. Not on the platform. I slowly walked to the door and pushed to the door nervously, unsure of what to do for there was no one to meet me. I stepped down onto the concrete platform and looked blankly around. How would I get to White Willow from here?


The busy streets of the city were far behind me now, where there even roads around here? Looking around I could indeed see roads scattered throughout the mountains and rambling meadows that lay around, though they were not polluted by any small dots to signify people of vehicles. Maybe there was a bus to White Willow. I walked forwards, wondering if the bus would have to be cranked up by a handle at the front and found myself beside a small ticket machine that I fed my ticket into and opened a little barrier ahead to allow my passage from the world I knew into a new world. The world of White Willow Estate. His world. For the summer at least. The air was hot and filled with sunshine and happiness. The chatter had grown ever louder.


The roads were lined with trees and bushes and all the people seemed to know exactly where they were going. Unlike me. I walked forth along the road a little way. To my happiness, there was a sign. For White Willow Way. His house was on White Willow Way. I think. I abruptly checked my little piece of paper with his address neatly inscribed in black inn. Yes. White Willow Way. I continued along, bag in hand for a while but I could not find the estate. The sun grew hotter and the back of my neck grew hot and I brushed my dark hair away from my brow. It had to be here somewhere. I would have to ask someone. People were becoming fewer and further between as I perambulated away from the station so I would have to ask soon or risk running out of people to ask. Biting my lip, I stepped towards an old man in braces on the other side of the road.


Swallowing nervously, I began “excuse me... do you know the way to -“I swallowed again “to White Willow Way? I followed the signs but...” I trailed off “this is White Willow Way miss, you alright miss? The heat here can be tricky in summer.” He smiled gently, his green eyes wrinkling in the corners “Oh,” I said rather embarrassed “I’m looking for White Willow Estate...” “Oh you want Sir Ranger.” He smirked “he often has female company.” This made me wonder. “Sir? I didn’t know he was a sir” “well there’s only one Ranger in these parts, Miss. You want to go up the hill, only a few minutes.” He smiled once more and bumbled off to his car.


I continued up the hill.

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
9 Jul, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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