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No Forevers
No Forevers

No Forevers

ThomastheRayThomas Ray
2 Reviews

We live in a world with no forevers. Nothing here really lasts forever. Not our bodies, not our homes, not our friendships. There are no "best friends forever", and the sun, eventually, won't keep rising.

Forever doesn't exist in the present, and as the moments and minutes and hours slip by uninhibited, we come closer to endings.

But not all the endings are bad.

As often as good things end, bad things will fall away, fade away, die. Some pain will never fade, but in contrast, some memories will never be spoiled by time. Even if the proverbial sun stops rising, we'll always have the memory of what sunsets looked like.

Everything healthy is a balance. Emotional health requires sadness in order to recognize happiness. We need to feel hurt before we can empathize with anyone, and heartbreak will always be a threat when you love someone or something.

But the promise that pain isn't for forever makes me glad to be alive. In this world full of endings and beginnings, it is important to remember that change will come. And change is the only thing that goes on forever.

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Thomas Ray
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8 Jun, 2019
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