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No Love
No Love
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No Love


You promised me you wouldn't leave. You told me you wouldn't leave like the rest. I go and look all around and you're not anywhere to be found. You lied... just like the rest. You said you hated me and that you never loved me. You said you were only with me because you didn't want to hurt me. Yeah well guess what lying to me made the pain worse. If you don't love me then don't say you do. You told me i was a waist of space and that no one would ever love me. You told me that i should go and kill my self i'm not wanted here, that i'm a crazy bitch. I already go through enough at home and now your telling me that you never wanted me. Your the reason i cry at night... the reason i'm depressed. I guess i was stupid to think anyone would love me, i was stupid to think anyone would actully stay. I was stupid to think no one would cheat. The only person who loves me loves me as a daughter as if i was their child, but even then their starting to fade away. Its hard to speak when i need to. I can't open up to alot of people. I don't trust no one but my mom and a father figure everyone else has lied to me and tour me to shreds like I was just a piece of paper. I guess there's just no love...

Author Notes: i'm bored and theres nun to do so here you go enjoy


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15 Jan, 2019
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