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No Memory Of This Place

No Memory Of This Place

By Rosita Wijnberg

"Where am I?" the boy asked.
          The doctor looked at him pitifully. "You have no memory?" he asked. The boy shook his head. "None at all?" the doctor persisted. "You do not remember anything before waking up here." He ignored this question. "Where am I?" He asked again. "Why am I in a hospital? Did something happen? Is this some sort of experiment? Why don't I remember anything?" The boy began to sound scared. "Do you remember your name?" The doctor asked, calmly. The little boy froze as if he just realized something.
          "My name.. My name is Clint... I think..." He muttered. The doctor nodded approvingly. "Yes...very good, Clint...Do you remember anything else?" Clink stared at the wall on the right. "I think... I think I was dying- someone injected me with something- a virus!" he was stammering now. "That man- he said it could kill me... He said he was going to use me for something... He said he was testing... He was testing the virus!" the doctor looked slightly uncomfortable. "He... I think I remember what he looks like... Just..." Clint stopped suddenly. He stared at the doctor. "Oh my god- You're that man! You- You tried to kill me! It's you!" The doctor was smiling now. "Yes," he nodded. "It was me. And now I'm going to have to kill you."

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About The Author
Rosita Wijnberg
About This Story
12 Mar, 2015
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1 min
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