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No Prob Bob
No Prob Bob

No Prob Bob

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Let me tell you 'bout a guy named Robert
Who never seems to ever be bothered.

He came to be called
No Prob Bob by all.

You got ninety-nine problems?
Well Bob's got none.
Whatever the weather
(Whether rain or sun)
Always Bob has fun.

For Bob the time came
When it became plain
That labels and names
Caused much of the pain
And much of the same --
So he made it a game
To rename 'bad' things.

It happened upon a day
That No Prob Bob said "hey"
To this fella -- No Way Jay.

As they chatted
It became clear
That No Way Jay
Had not much cheer.

This No Way Jay
He earned his tag
By throwing in the towel
At the drop of a hat.

The least lil' trouble
Would pop his bubble.

Too cool or too hot?
His whole day was shot.

A few hairs out of place
Put a frown on his face.

He would purse his lips
If the bacon wasn't crisp.

One minute of the news
And he would blow a fuse.

Ev'ry thing seemed impossible,
All goals out of reach
Until No Prob Bob
That day to Jay did teach:

"It's only a problem if I say,"
Said No Prob Bob to No Way Jay.

"That big wall in front of me,
Whether I get around it
Depends to a big extent
On the frame I put 'round it."

No Prob Bob paused for effect --
No Way Jay didn't get it yet.

"It's in my power to name it,
It's in my hand to reframe it."

No Way Jay rubbed his chin
Trying to take all this in.

"I accept it and I own it
By the language I put on it."

"But what about the things we can't do?,"
Asked No Way Jay looking quite confused.

To which No Prob Bob replied
With a twinkle in each eye:

"Switch the label,
Become able."

For the first time in a while,
No Way Jay began to smile.

There's more that needed to be said,
So No Prob Bob forged ahead:

"What mistake?
'Tis only a retake.

Is it defeat?
That's up to me.

My blunder becomes my thunder,
The blooper becomes super.
It turns into my greatest blessing
For I call it positive lesson.

There is no failure, my friend --
Only chances to begin again.

Any given day
Is whatever you say.

Any given thing
Is whatever you think.

It is what it is?
It is what you think it is.

Is it the end
Or an opportunity to win?
We have the power to spin.

If you look beyond the grief,
The fussing and the venting,
Then you'll be able to see
That 'problem' is just a word
That humans have invented.
Follow this path of thinking
And you'll end up transcendent."

Jay must have got schooled
'Cuz after Bob was through,
We hear from Jay a new 'tude:
"So the language I use
And the words I choose
Decide whether I
Will win or will lose!"

No Prob Bob nodded and grinned
Since he got through to his friend.

"It's only a problem if I say,"
Like No Prob Bob says Yes Way Jay
Who now, like Bob, always sees the way.

©️ Matt Decker

Author Notes: "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
7 Jul, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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