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No Relation

No Relation

By boomman17

-So you wanna try and slide back into my life?
Man nigga fuck that bullshit. Dude you ain’t never gone do right!
-Explain to me, honestly, why do you still try?
There were many times that you hurt mama, & your dumb ass made her cry.
-God took away my only sister, shouldn’t that wake your dumbass up?
Forget it, no matter what you do, you gone always gonna be a fuck up.
-It’s a reason I use mama last name and not yours
‘cause no matter where you go, its always gone be closed doors.
-Whenever you are mentioned, I get aggravated and mad
& that’s ‘cause your methods are real fucking sad.
-Theirs no damn excuse for your stupid immature behavior
You need to stop before you put another life in danger………
-Oh wait, now I here you got three more kids running around?
Ahh shit. That’s three more mouths to feed and all them lives finna be ran into the ground.
-Still haven’t seen my niece since she was born
Keep fucking me over, Ima be like the bull and you gone get the horns.
-I haven’t gone off on you out of respect
And that’s more like a promise, nothing like a threat.
-Every time responsibility came your way, you ran
But for real, before you became a father of six, you should’ve learned how to be a man.
-No Relation!

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5 Apr, 2012

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