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No Talking After 10 (prologue)

No Talking After 10 (prologue)

By vampirechick249

The warm spring air was blowing at night. The stars glistened brightly. The streets were quiet. If you took a walk down the street at night on this warm spring night in Tallahassee, Florida, you could hear a pin drop. It was so peaceful. Debby loved this about Florida. It was always so peaceful, so calm, and so warm.
Debby and her friends, Rocky and Sarah, had just left a party. They were on their way to Rocky's house for an after party. After every school dance, they would go to Rocky's house and party until the sun raised. Unfortunately, this is their senior year and can't do this the following year.
They were walking through the streets in their party clothes and they were having a great time. They walked a good half hour before Rocky's mom began to worry. Rocky was telling Debby and Sarah a story, when her mom called. She looked at the phone and sighed. Not to happily, she answered her phone.
"What mom?" Rocky didn't sound to happy and her mother knew it.
"Where are you girls? You should have been home 20 minutes ago. It's only a 10 minute drive." Her mother was pacing back and forth in the kitchen, worrying. Rocky sighed again.
"Mom, my car is out of gas remember? John picked us up and I texted you that we were walking home. We'll be home soon. Stop worrying about me so much. It's 3 weeks until my birthday. I'm going to be 18. I can handle my self." Rocky walked a little ahead of Debby and Sarah while on the phone with her mom. Debby and Sarah were having their own little conversation.
"So is everything still set?" Sarah was checking her planner on her phone.
"Yeah. Everyone will arrive at 7:30 pm and at 8 pm, you bring Rocky back to the house." Debby was sending a text to everyone.
'Be at Rocky's house by 7:30 pm on April 28th. Forget, and we will hunt you down and drag you there. xoxo Debby <3'
She put her phone in her pocket.
"Great. This will be the best 18th birthday party of the century." Sarah finally took her eyes off her phone and looked at Debby. They smiled and high-fived. Rocky walked back to Debby and Sarah.
"Ugh. My mom is such a pain. I wish she would just leave me alone!" Rocky took out her phone and started texting her boyfriend, Richy. "And I hate this phone. When will my mom finally realize that I need an iPhone? This slide phone is so old and I hate it." She looks at Debby and Sarah and they all laugh.
"Oh come on Rocky. It's not that bad-"
"Oh shut up Sarah! You guys wouldn't know since you both have had iPhones since the iPhone first came out. Ugh!" Rocky slammed her foot on the ground, acting like a little kid. They laughed.
"Rocky relax. You'll get one. Your upgrade is coming up on your birthday. You'll get the iPhone then. I know it." Debby rubbed her back and Sarah hit her arm. She looked at her and Sarah widened her eyes, signaling her to shut her face.
The 3 girls finally got to Rocky's house.
"Mom! I'm home! We'll be in my room!" Rocky yelled to her mom as they walked in the door. They put their stuff down and ran to Rocky's room.
"Hey," Sarah nudged Rocky and Debby. "Let's go on that video chatting website John told us about." The 2 girls nodded and the 3 of them went on Rocky's mac. The first guy they pull up is this really cute 19 year old boy. Debby, the only single girl in the room, takes over.
"Hey there." She smiles and sits down on the chair. She guy smiles at her,
"Hey there cutie. What is your lovely name miss?" He asks her, being charming as ever. She blushes a lot.
"I'm Debby." She smiles at him. They talked for a while, then he had to go to bed since he had college classes in the morning. They pull up the next video chat. They met many cute guys and got a few phone numbers. Rocky pulls up one video chat of this 20 year old guy. He's kind of cute, has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. The second the video chat pulls up, he smiles at her.
"Well hello there. Your name is?" He smiles at her and she smiles back.
"Debby. And yours?" She looks at him.
"The name's Alexander, but call me Xan." He smiles and nods.
"Alright Xan. How are you?" She asks him.
"I'm doing great now that I met you. You seem really nice and your friends seem to be interested in our conversation." Debby turns around and sees her friends snooping and they all laugh ... And this is the start of their friendship.


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23 Jan, 2013
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4 mins
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