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Nobody really knew the truth; but believed the rumors.

Nobody really knew the truth; but believed the rumors.

By PandaBearLove101

She walked the halls, hiding her face behind her binder. She wore thick clothing; like sweat shirts to cover... Her stomach. She was pregnant. It ruined her life, everything completely changed and Vanessa was miserable. 

Everyone at school knew about it. They would call her a slut, whore, ho, and a dumb horny bitch. Her "friends" stopped being her friends to avoid the embarrassment. She became a loner who got made fun of or treated invisible everyday at school.

Vanessa would eat alone in the 
bathroom or under the bleachers. She'd sit all the way in the back of the class. And she'd walk in the corners of the halls. 

"You are my only friend. My best friend. I know you will be the true one that I will always love and stand by no matter what." Vanessa would sigh, and say to her child while rubbing her stomach. Sometimes she'd even cry. 

Vanessa would cry at night because of her life at school. And laying in her bed would make her remember the most horrible moment in her life. 
She was traumatized and would cry hysterically for hours at night. Vanessa rarely got sleep. Her grades weren't very good either. 

"It's that man's fault..." Vanessa would say while crying. She's rub her belly and sing to her baby. 
She thought about that moment in her life where she was helpless. "I am just thankful I am still alive and got away." She said crying. 

One day when Vanessa was walking through the halls, she heard someone from behind say "Happy Birthday.", she quickly turned around and saw it was Vanessa's ex-best friend, 

"Y-You remembered?" Vanessa said in shock, and a bit of happiness from the attention. 
"Of course." Gabrielle said with a smirk. "Thank you." Vanessa smiled; which she hasn't been in a while. Vanessa walked away smiling feeling warm inside. She got all jittery too! 

"WHORE!" Gabrielle screamed as Vanessa walked away. The group of girls with Gabrielle laughed. Everyone else in the halls froze and watched the whole scene, just staring at Vanessa, all eyes on her. 

Vanessa looked back and all the short happiness that got her up, let her down hard like a ton of bricks. She fast walked in tears. But Gabrielle wasn't that far away, she ran after Vanessa and grabbed her arm.

"Vanessa, I was kidding." Gabrielle said laughing so hard. Everyone else was still silent. 
"Well it's nothing to joke about, and it's not funny!" Vanessa's voice cracked. She was about to cry. 

"Hey, it's not my fault you couldn't keep your legs closed!" Gabrielle fired back. "You don't know what happened okay!" Vanessa said storming off, but before she could completely run off Gabrielle grabbed her arm again. 

"Fine. If that's not what happened what did, huh?" Gabrielle used her smart mouth accent. Vanessa's heart pounded. She felt tears rushing in. She stood there looking around at all the eyes staring at her waiting for her to spill her story. 

"Well? Who's the dad Vanessa? Who's the poor guy?" Gabrielle stood there; satisfied. "I don't know!" Vanessa said with tears running down her face. "Please, just leave me alone." She tried to jerk out of Gabrielle's hands holding her arm. 

"Oh come on, how could you not know!" Gabrielle squeezed her harder attempting to get it out of her through pain. Vanessa stood there, eyes blurred by tears, shaking, butterflies so bad she needed to puke, and even worse, she looked like the bad guy. 

"WHO IS HE VANESSA?!" Gabrielle demanded. Vanessa's heart pounded and she felt a panic attack coming on. "How could you not know! You stupid bitch!" Gabrielle yelled. 

Vanessa nervously looked around so nervous. "WELL?" Gabrielle was furious. Finally Vanessa couldn't take it anymore and she screamed the truth. "I WAS RAPED OKAY! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHAT KIND OF HELL I'VE BEEN THROUGH EVER SINCE. YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED BITCH, I GAVE YOU MY ANSWER NOW LEAVE ME ALONE." Vanessa was left panting from letting everything out.

All the pain and lies bottled up, finally set free. She felt a lot better and relived. All the heavy stress on her shoulders eased. Everyone else was shocked and even more quiet. Even Gabrielle was left speechless. Vanessa just casually walked away to her class wiping her tears away. 

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11 Jan, 2012
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3 mins
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