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A Normal Day at School - Part 2
A Normal Day at School - Part 2

A Normal Day at School - Part 2


7:45 am

I feel my eyes start to sting, I can't believe that I'm about to cry. I raise my hand, "Yes Jonathan ?" says my teacher, "I need to go to the restroom" I lie, he says okay. I walk out of the classroom and run to the boys' restroom. Once inside I sit on the ground back against the wall. I can hear some murmuring through the wall, the girls' restroom in directly behind ours. I try to distract myself by listening to their conversation. I can't hear anything and memories of Jeffery came flowing into my mind. What am I going to do without you, Jeff?

7:50 am

I start to walk back I'm looking at my feet, I bump into somebody, without thinking I say "Sorry" and look up, I don't recognize him from middle school, but I know that he is a Freshman like me. He doesn't look at me, that was weird. I come back to class, I drag my feet all the way to the back of class and sit down. There is a paper on my desk, we need to write what we did over the summer vacation. I crumple the piece of paper and throw it away.

8: 30

The bell rings, time to go, yes! I walk to my locker and open it looking at my schedule I see English on my list, great. I walk in English class, an old lady is sitting at her desk (I mean really old). She has wrinkles that hang on her neck, the has huge glasses, and her hair is white. The desks are in neat rows, instead of taking a seat in the back, I sit next to the window. The bell rings again and the teacher takes attendants " Arnold ?" "Here", "Darrelle?" "Here", "Linsy?" "Here" and the list goes on and on. Once that is over, she turns and writes on the blackboard, "Poetry". She says "Good morning class!" everyone moans back "Good morning Mrs. Sifer." I sink in my seat and open my notebook, I tear out a page and doodle.

8: 40

I feel so bored, I guess this is a good time to talk about all of the students that are in my class. There are three types of people in the Freshmen, the people that think that they are cooler than everyone, the people that follow those people/ the wannabes, and the people that just don't care. I like to think of myself as the people that just don't care, but this isn't about me right now. Let's start with the people that you herd during roll call, Arnold is a geek/nerd he is a wannabe, Darrelle he is stupid and everyone worships him, probably because his parents are rich for some reason. Linsy she thinks of herself as the princess of the school and Linsy kind of is, her great grandparents funded a guy to make this school. Needless to say, her parents are rich and have friends in high places at the school. (AKA she gets whatever she wants). Her and Darrelle dating, most likely because, they are both rich and they are both so arrogant. Back to Darrelle, he has two bodyguards they were the bullies back in middle school, probably still are, I haven't gotten to say hello to them but I'm sure it will happen in a little while.


The end of class bell rings and I pack up my stuff and leave, as I’m leaving Darrelle calls me over: “Hey Jonathan c’meer”
I walk over “yes?”
“You was listening in class right?”
“Well start I can’t have any B- now can I?”
“Why don’t you ask Arnold?”
“Cause he’s suffered enough. Now go.”.
Great now I need actually listen in class this is just great.

9: 20

I walk out into recess and took out my phone and started to text. I texted Jeffery, I mean who else would I text.

Hey where are u

At school


In Arizona


U know where they make the tea and everything


Cause It was more affordable


JK, cause my parents said that I need to start a new life

What about me.

We aren’t related dude

No what am I supposed to do?

U know without u. relax and ride the waves which I can’t do because I’m in Arizona and not California

I turn of my phone and sit down with my back against the wall. Dame well, now I know that
I won’t meet at the gate, I chuckle at my own joke. Then, I hear “what’s so funny?” I turn and the see Darrelle with his bodyguards, Don and Josh. They walk as if their purpose is to serve Darrelle, Don is tall and has some muscles and pretty smart but he acts like a dingus and follows Darrelle everywhere so he is in the wannabe group, Josh is a scrawny kid who is also pretty tall, he is really fast and not so smart but smarter that Darrelle. I look at them and know exactly what is about to come, Don and Josh pick me up and pin me against the wall my feet can't touch the ground so. Josh and Don are on either side of me and Darrelle is standing in the middle, you know like in one of those mobster movies. "We just wanted to check up on you. See how you were doing," says Darrelle.
Ohh great seriously Jeffery why did you have to go? I feel a punch in the pit of my stomach but this time it is not metaphorical. I cough out and gasp for air, Jesus Darrelle can punch. I fell another one coming and close my eyes.

Author Notes: I hope that you enjoyed the firts story (and this story) if you have not read the first story go ahead and check it out!
- Classic

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